The PSN Is In Maintenance Mode

Just a heads up, the PlayStation Network is throwing up a notice that the server is currently down for maintenance for those trying to log in.


    This is just the website, not from consoles.
    "Clarification: this maintenance doesn't affect PSN on consoles, only the website you click through to from the password change email."

      Stop, please don't bring facts into this, they simply get in the way of sensationalist headlines!

      Man oh man US PSN is terrible.

        And what I should have said was US Kotaku...

        Der. It's late.

    stupid hacker asswipes found an exploit in changing the password through the web interface, with the data they stole:@

    Gentlemen. There is another security issue that has been detected on the Playstation Network. are running the story.

    When Sony re-enabled the Playstation Network earlier this week, there was a very nasty security bug regarding how the website verifies security tokens when passwords are reset. An extremely simple exploit was being publicly circulated that enabled a hacker with two pieces of information to reset the password of any playstation network user thereby hijacking their account.

    The two pieces of information are your e-mail address, and your date of birth. Given that there is a database of 77 million user records containing this information ciruclating publicly this issue is considered extremely serious and as a counter-measure it has been recommended that any user of PSN should change the registered e-mail address that they currently use to access their account to one that they do not currently use for anything else.

    Once again Sony displays it's complete lack of understanding when it comes to network security.

    Obviously this is just a hiccup. This sort of incident could happen to anyone.

    apparently the email confirmation system is flawed and once again hackers took advantage

    jeez sony

    Kind of sick of Sony and the Playstation now... whats the point breaking news worldwide that they are back and not have it up and running? Now I feel like throwing my PS3 through the window, Forget-You Sony!

    Playstationstore not working yet either?

    Have to disagree - I got Maintenance messages all last night when trying to access any of the PSN functions.

    I tried to log in yesterday on my PS3 and it told me it was down for maintenance (was hoping to claim my freebies).

    This has gotten past the point of ridiculous. I'm going to trade my PS3 in and buy a bunch of Xbox 360 games now. FU Sony.

    this sums up what PSN users are thinking:

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