The PSN May Not Be 100% Back Until May 31

The PlayStation Network has been down for a while now. We've been warned that it may be down for a little while longer. Now Sony says it could be weeks still before the PSN is fully operational.

Sony's Shigenori Yoshida has told Bloomberg that his company's deadline for the full return of all PlayStation Network services is May 31. The PSN went down on April 20.

While you'd assume/hope that signing into the network and playing games online are the first things to come back up, Yoshida says that Sony is "uncertain" when the PSN will actually get back up and running.

Sony's PlayStation, Qriocity Services Remain Shut, ‘Uncertain' on Restart [Bloomberg]


    OMG!, with Brink coming out this week its gonna be so lonely on single-player campaign.

    Sorry but thats not good enough i bet sony COULD have it up earlier, Opinions

      OR not. Or they're still fixing shit up. Or they're finally making sure they're going to do things right this time.

      Rather wait till they fix it up nice and good instead of releasing a half-assed effort.

      Just be patient yo.

      Well technically, they could have left the system running. However, that would have left it open to the attackers, letting them continue to run amok and destroy any forensic evidence of their intrusion.

      Presumably the reason for the lengthy downtime is to minimise the chance of the network getting breached again as soon as it is brought online.

    So pretty much, they're saying "We have to get this thing back up before E3!"

      If it isn't back before e3... I don't know what would happen but i am sure even the most hardcore Sony fans are going to consider moving over to something else (PC/360).

    :( Indeed, but if it means that it's going to be more secure, then I can wait (considering I'm a PC gamer first, PS3 second, it's not very hard for me).

    @Cephalxn, HELL YES, i and so many others are getting so pissed off.. as you are to i amagin.

    Thats what you get for a crappy free service.

      Will be paying soon

      PSN is not technically free. The price to run it is factored into hardware and software sales.

      Do you mean we get a 'crappy service' for free?... or that we're getting this for giving them 'a crappy free service'? ;-P

      Seriously though, this situation sucks...

    Wow.. this sucks..

    Ah just perfect. My hopes have just been crushed.....again

    My pile of shame is getting lower!

    I'd much rather them take the time to make sure it's as secure as they can get it before they bring it back up.

    People are forgetting it's not as simple as just 'bringing it back up'. They had to investigate the incident and respond to it, then figure out what they need to change, then implement it. (I'm sure it's more complicated than that, but you get the idea)

    This is all time consuming stuff, folks - and imagine what would happen if they brought the system back online before it was ready and it got hacked again. It's been humiliating and humbling enough as is.

    Remember to blame the hackers or whoever was behind this for your inconvenience, not Sony.


      I'll happily wait while Sony completes the necessary repairs and upgrades to ensure that something like this is less likely to happen again.

      agree to an extent, we can blame sony for using outdated security to begin with. i assume the annoyance of many is caused by sony's words of 'hope'

      No it's Sony's fault for having the vulnerability in the first place.
      With the constant attacks on XBL, Google, Amazon, Ebay etc etc by hackers why was Sony the one to succumb? Because they are an electronics company - they know nothing about software or IT security and their customers have paid for it.
      Read their version of events and it took them a day to realise there was a breach at all - No other company of their magnitude would have taken that long... Regardless THEY stored our private data and let it be stolen - they are liable and I hope they burn for it.


      plus i'll add on the sidebar no psn doesn't spell the end of the world, why not look at the great SP games horribly ignored, or do something else outside for a change, i'm sure by the time psn does get back up, we are over our withdrawal symptoms.

      For myself, it came at an odd time, where i actually needed to focus on uni work instead, so it helps not having distractions :)

      Well you know considering this should have never happened,I'll blame Sony all I want. Sony is the one who wanted to start picking on a guy who all he did was jailbreak the ps3 system to run OtherOS. He didnt make it so you could play pirated games, like Sony claimed, infact he specificly put code in his jailbreak so you couldnt play pirated games. What he was doing wouldn't have hurt anyone,especially a corparate giant like Sony. But no, instead of being worried about network security and protecting themselves from hackers,they wanted to sue a KID in New Jersey, making enimies of the hackers. Should have worried about security, not if someone can run OtherOS on their PS3.

        Revised history is great, isn't it?

      mate i cannot agree more with you it is better for them to fix it right this time and take the time to fix it as they would be embarssed enough now.

    Jeez. Couldn't they just delete all credit card databases then remove the ability to use credit cards on psn and chuck it back up. Who cares about names and addresses you can get them anywhere... Argh

    Shit! Those hackers must have done a real number on it. Either that or Sony's Employees are having trouble with the workload.

    I'm glad I own an Xbox 360. :D

    Sony: hey guys, it's gonna be up next week! me: :)

    Hey guys, sorry about that, should be coming back in about another week! me: :(

    yeah... it may be fully back around may 31... me: >:(

    LOL I'm glad I don't own a PS3, I'd be so damn pissed right now

    I really wish they'd stop lying and saying 'ooh, it'll be next week!' god.

    What concerns me is that the security must have been so out of date that its taking this long to upgrade and fix? This does not sound good at all for Sony

    As with all things Sony, it'll take as long as it's going to take to make a product that's up to snuff. Dont want them releasing something that aint finished. I'm not a big online multiplayer kind of guy so this doesn't effect me as much. Cant believe ppl are willing to play xboxes over PSN being down for maintenance. I support Sony, and hope these hackers haven't crippled the company too much.

    i don't necessarily care that its not up yet. but damn Sony at least come out with a detailed report/update letting us know when exactly they plan on restoring service. this looks bad on everybody associated with Sony n ps3

    well, looks like its time to buy black ops for PC

    I better get a compensation for not being able to play mortal kombat for so long!

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