The Right Way To Do Japanese Box Art

The same smart people at Nintendo Europe who thought it was a good idea to localise Wii RPG Xenoblade also know how important box art can be for such a localisation. So they're letting the game's fans vote.

While the front cover - which we'll assume is the same as that found in Japan - is locked in by the publisher, as is sometimes the case with Japanese movies, fans can vote on what will appear on the game's reversible cover.

There are four options available, with one (the "black one") so hideous it should really be a three-horse race. The remainder, though, look perfectly fitting, leaving us now to dream only of a world in which other Japanese imports took the time to work like this.

Xenoblade was first released in Japan in June 2010. It's due out in Europe and Australia in September, while a North American release is tentatively pencilled-in for sometime in 2011.

Xenoblade Chronicles [Nintendo]


    I quite like the black one >_> My favourite is the first, but it's so similar to the default cover that it seems almost pointless to use as the reversible one.

    LoL yeah I think the black one looks pretty good too. I really don't understand how it could be described as "hideous" either. "Boring" or "stupid" or something like that maybe, but it's certainly not hideous.

    Yeah I'd go for the top one, but I don't have a Wii so it really doesn't matter to me :P

    Black one = fail

    First one = Win

    the 2nd one is my favourite :)

    2nd one

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