The Story Of A Pig And His Big Day Out

The Story Of A Pig And His Big Day Out

So many iPhone games are about points, or killing, or money, or twitching. Sometimes it’s just nice to kick back and guide a pig through a story.

Herbert’s Day Out is a cute little iPhone game by Caleb Hystad. He calls it a “story game”, which in plainspeak means you’re just helping cute little Herbert the pig walk around eating truffles.

There’s a touch of drama to the game provided by the farmer who constantly trails Herbert trying to catch you, but it’s not enough to break the simple, cruisey vibe the game has, especially given its breezy soundtrack and bright, cheery pixel art.

It’s also nice and simple – you just tilt the phone to move – and even better, it’s completely free.

While we’re on the subject, you should check out Caleb’s personal site for a ton of great pixel art.

Herbert’s Day Out [iTunes Store]

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