The Tornado-Spewing Hurricane Of Motorstorm: Apocalypse

Delayed and delayed again by earthquakes in New Zealand and Japan, natural disaster driving game Motorstorm: Apocalypse finally hit store shelves today, less than a week after the deadliest tornado outbreak in US history.

While much of the constant shifting and reshaping of Motorstorm: Apocalypse's tracks come in the wake of earthquakes and tremors, at least one level is built around a town destroying hurricane and the tornadoes it triggers.

Playing through that level, I was amazed by the graphics, the rain-drenched view, the tumbling terrain. It also left me feel a bit like I did when playing through the earthquake levels.


    This is all well and good... but when will there be a new rock n roll racing game?

    Looks a bit like Split/Second Velocity (in the way of the disasters changing the tracks).

    I wish they'd release another of that game...

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