The Winter Classic At Last Comes To EA Sports’ NHL

The Winter Classic At Last Comes To EA Sports’ NHL

How many new features can you spot in this first screen shot of NHL 11? For starters, that’s the Capitals and the Penguins playing the Winter Classic at Heinz Field, which means the NHL’s outdoor New Year’s Day gala will appear in the EA Sports series for the first time ever.

The Winter Classic played at Buffalo’s Ralph Wilson Stadium in its inaugural year (2008) but in 2009 and 2010, played in baseball stadia, to which 2K Sports exclusively owned the licensing rights by virtue of MLB 2K The 2011 Winter Classic played at the home of the Pittsburgh Steelers, which means EA Sports can get in on the action.

Other details of the frame, per the hawkeyes from Operation Sports: The net can be jarred from its moorings; realistic goalie contact, and goalie helmets flying off. Anyone see anything else?

It’s my understanding we’ll be getting more details on NHL 12 next week, including word on its ship date, which is thought to be shifting closer to the NHL opening day, as EA Sports is doing with Madden and the NFL opening day.

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