The World Record For Longest Video Game Song Goes To...

I don't normally pay much heed to Guinness' video game world records, because for the most part they come off as little more than paid promotions for upcoming or newly-released titles. But this one, I can dig.

That's composer Hideki Sakamoto, who has worked on games from the Yakuza and Castlevania series, with a very special award. It's for the "longest piece of original music scored for a video game", and was awarded for his composition Prime #4507, which appeared on PlayStation 3 title Echochrome II.

How long does a track have to be to be certified a world record? Over seventy-five minutes long, that's how long. If you'd like to listen—and it's as great as it is long—you can check it out here.

Hideki Sakamoto [Eastern Mind]


    Wow that's pretty long, thought it was gonna be just a bit longer than Dancing Mad and the FFVI ending theme...75 mins is ridiculous.

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