There's A New Dragon Ball Z Game

Currently unnamed, a new Dragon Ball Z is head for the PS3 and Xbox 360 this spring. According to Japanese reports from last week, Namco Bandai is readying a new title called Dragon Ball Game Project Age 2011, which sounds like a temporary title. That game will centre around 3D fighting. [Eurogamer]


    I wounder what ever happened to that Dragon Ball MMO we heard about a while back?

      I'm pretty sure it's only available in Korea atm.

      It's around, but only in Asian territories, and I doubt it'll ever reach any farther than that. It is classified as canonical (I believe Akira Toriyama was in charge of a lot of the back story), and it retcons Dragonball GT out of existence. If anything, that's a positive. ^^

    Sick of the DBZ fighting games. The franchise worked better as an RPG. I want a full blown DBZ RPG from start to finish

    I just want a new story. We've beaten Frieza, Cell and Buu dozens of times already, give us someone new.

    Well i agree there should be a new story and the name should be Dragon Ball Z: AF ( Finally)

    New Villans

    More Heros and Friends

    Free realm(Like grand theft auto somewhat (no cars to drive just flying and walking)

    Wish(Create fighter Mode)

    {Exspecialily all of the character from all the other games}

    Last the game should last about a month even for a pro gamer

    i think there should be a dragonball af game there shoud be like a legendary ssj5 broly and broly & goku can do fusion on that game that would be really cool see yaaaa.........

      one thing i think they should put like a ssj4 vegito i see crazy things in my mind theres so many new forms i can think of ... or a ssj3 gogeta im sorry im trippin

    tosorry for leavin so many comments. but about that dragonball af game instead of just going up to super saiyan5 there should be max of all powers a super saiyan6 i want to see what you think about my idea....

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