These Custom Portal 2 Figures Came Straight From Testing

Custom toy creator Christian Hooton, whose work we've featured previously, has sent us some pictures of these Portal 2 figures he's made. Warning: they are amazing.

Remember, these are entirely custom figures. Hooton has built them from scratch, from the bodies to the cables, and they took two solid weeks to finish.

If Valve ever gets around to releasing official Portal 2 figures, they're going to have a hell of a time competing with these.

portal 2 robots Atlas and P-body action figure toys [Sabretooth]


    They appear to be well designed, but how are they at performing in Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device Cooperative Testing Initiatives?

    Also, [ROBOT COLORATION #1] appears to be better designed than [ROBOT COLORATION #2]

    Very cool, wish Valve would release something like this

    Ho...lee...crap. AWESOME! HmMmmmmmm I wonder if I can order some... ;)

    To quote Fry from Futurama,


    I'm amazed P-Body stays upright.

    can we get a picture of them hugging ?

    They look great.
    I want both of them.
    How much??????

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