These Dragon Ball Figures Are Over 9000


    I want that Saiyaman. Would go well with my Videl figure.

    That Freiza one is incredible. The rest are a little boring, and just look like your regular action figure. It's the only one that I, as a fan, but not a die hard one would purchace.

    They look so awesome! I bet they are worth quite a bit.

    Wow. That Frieza figurine is just pure badassery.

      He just oozes the epic, there. It's great how his whole body isn't shiny and smooth.

    man piccolo is still one of the best characters ever invented.

    Over 9000, the new that's what she said.

    I want them all! These look even better then the prize figurines from Japan.

    Action figures in 2011
    stopped reading there

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