These Guys Will Freak You Out, Then Amaze You

At the Taipei Game Show earlier this year, event areas had girls on stage dancing to pop tunes. But that's not where the real action was.

Taiwanese otage (dancing idol otaku) turned out a blistering performance of "Megu Megu Fire Endless Night". Watch what they do two minutes in.

Something tells me these guys practised. Call it a hunch.

Otage are regulars at idol concerts - the Taipei Game Show, too, it seems.


    What kind of clown films the guys! What about the girls on stage!?

    They pick you up? lmao... I totally don't get where I should be amazed.

    I feel weird after watching that...

    i feel strange after watching this, i think i may need a shower and a hard scrub with lots of soap QQ

    oh god i need to rinse my eyes out with acid

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