These Mass Effect 3 Screenshots Aren't Saving The Human Race

If you picked up the latest issue of Game Informer, you will have seen these Mass Effect 3 images, albeit at a smaller size. If you haven't, well, enjoy them as nature intended, on the internet!

It's a little strange that, for a game that's all about saving humanity and Earth from an alien invasion, these screenshots are almost solely focused on killing other people.

Oh, except for the one showing Krogan Husks. That's interesting.

Mass Effect 3 [igromania]


    Aww man, I hate husks before, gonna hate them more now =.=

    Wow, shooting, running, hitting, posing; what a reveal!


      Yeah they're not exactly groundbreaking. Look pretty though :P

    I am SOOOOO excited... sad that it got delayed 2012..

    Do those soldiers appear in Mass Effect 2? (the ones with seemingly 4 red slit-like eyes and otherwise clonetrooperish looking armour)? And if so what side are they? I played most of the 1st one and didn't notice anything like that, but they look pretty damn cool. I'd rank them along with the transhuman arm of the combine overwatch, helghast from KZ and the soldier suits from dead space 2.

      They're Cerberus, and Cerberus is going to attack you no matter what choice you made at the end of me2, gotta love how Mass Effect has such varied choices and consequences.

      I think that they are Cerberus troops, because Shepard will likely re-align with the Alliance or the Citadel Council

      They're confirmed as Cerberus Commandos. Notice the white armour and the yellow Cerberus insignias.

      All this pictures were in the last Game Informer and Bioware teased the fact that in this game, the Illusive Man has truly turned on Shepard (not sure if it's still the case if you saved the Collector base though).

    Krogan Husks!! o.0

    Can't wait for this... Well actually I can because I'm in the middle of playing through ME1 again with a new character, then I've gotta do ME2 ideally running through the final mission twice to make characters with divergent final decision selection...

    But yeah, will be great to see how the last one plays out. Such an excellent trilogy!!

    They're Batarian husks, not Krogan.

      2nd picture, right side? That thing's way too big to be a Batarian

        Nope that's definitely a Batarian head, I blame the husking process for it being big!

    Looks cool, but it also looks like they're reusing weapons from ME2 - thought they were going to have customisable gear?

    They're not Krogan or Batarian Husks, not sure what they are though...

    I hope Liara's voice acting is fixed for this one.

      "Thanks For Stopping By." looping was creepy.

    hmm... there is just something innately unRPGish about guns... its just too detached, to impersonal...

      Your after an elegent kind of weapon, something from a more civilised age?

    Mass Effect is a criminally overrated series in my opinion. I bought 2 on the PS3. I liked the story, but it boiled down to being a stiff, unresponsive, buggy and bland cover shooter for 75% of the game time. It became a real chore.

    Why can't there be a game with Mass Effect's RPG element, but with the fluid, natural feel of something like the Uncharted series?

    Even more interesting is that if you look carefully at the "other people" in the screenshots, you can see what appears to be the Cerberus colours. Perhaps a link between the Illusive Man and the Reapers, given the high presence we've seen in the screenies so far?

    "finish the fight"?! Get that shallow shooter HALO shit off my deeply rich RPG shooter!

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