These Star Wars And Gundam Dioramas Will Melt Your Face

As a kid, I was always impressed with models. I was more impressed with full-blown dioramas - still am. These dioramas, though, aren't merely impressive; they're brain-destroying.

At the recent Shizuoka Hobby Show, Star Wars and Gundam dioramas nearly stole the whole damn show.

The level of detail in these miniature masterpieces is stunning. They're like those miniature cities found in old Toho monster flicks that a man-in-a-suit would stomp through a model town.

But he wouldn't stomp through these. He'd stop dead in his tracks and simply say, "No".

「スターデストロイヤー」, 圧倒的なクオリティのガンダムジオラマ [Gigazine]


    Wow simply stunning work.
    I wish I had the room, hell you need a house for all that.

    Great work.

    The Star Wars ones gave me a nerdgasm.

      +1...knees all wobbly!!


    I'd like to see them do some of the repair gantry models for some Battletech / Mechwarrior stuff.

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