They're Totally Addicted To Cosplay

If those addicted to work are called "workaholics" and those addicted to chocolate are called "chocoholics", then what are those who are addicted to cosplay called?

Over the weekend, "Cosholic" stormed through Tokyo's Odaiba. Cosholic is a picture-takin', costume-wearin' get together. Some of the costumes were elaborate, others were practically invisible.

Cosplayers and cosplayer "circles" (groups) also sell discs with their photos. The photos are largely directed at adults. Thus, the cosplayer's costumes and poses reveal the event's adult nature.

Website Asagawo Blog was on hand, snapping photos. Check out the pics in the gallery. More in the links below—some photos NSFW.

デジタル系即売会「コスホリック02」 -コスプレ彼女 その7-, その6-, その5-, その4-, その3-, その2-, その1- [アサガヲBlog]



    Damn Japanese girls are hot... Maybe I should relocate, I reckon there is probably cheap real estate over there atm...

    I'm with DeReam,
    However I heard they sell one large pizza over in Japan for $35. Its still a sacrifice I would probably take. I want to go to these "cosholic cirlces" and purchase some cd's. ;)

    I'll be going there in December and was wondering, how did you find the cosholic event compared to comiket or TFT? It seems smaller but also admission fee-based. Is it one of those events where you have to buy their cds or a ticket before you can photograph them?

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