Think L.A. Noire Has Impressive Facial Animations? Check This Out

Think L.A. Noire Has Impressive Facial Animations? Check This Out

It’s true that work that Team Bondi has done animating the faces of real life actors in Rockstar’s L.A. Noire is nothing short of astounding, but Janimation’s facial recognition technology creates virtual faces so real you can almost smell their stinking breath.

Kotaku reader and Janimation employee Trevor Hykes passed along this incredibly impressive technology demo, demonstrating how the company’s technology translates the movements of an actor’s face onto that of a virtual construct.

The end result is downright uncanny. I just hope this clip isn’t indicative of the limits of their tooth-rendering technology.


  • the movement was very realistic, however him actually speaking and the way his lips moved didn’t look real, unlike in LA Noire. LA Noire may not have the graphics quality to mistake the characters for real people but the actual movement in their faces is spot on.

    • Completely agree. The system they use here (bones driven) is inferior to the one they used on LA Noir (depth analysis) – it’s been used for years and has difficulty capturing subtleties. The only reason it looks nice here is because it’s not being rendered in real time, so they can throw all the shaders they want at it – but it definitely lacks the realism of LA Noir’s system in my opinion.

  • There is a reason developers are now askin for the next generation console hardware.

    Actor Performance Capturing, or whatever other fancy description you give, is now way beyond the level of detail and realism of the current generation hardware and graphics.

    I’m sure Rockstar are more than ready to up the game visuals to match their new toys.

    Personally I can’t wait for the next generation. Realism (raw processing power), better textures (larger/faster memory)and greatly improved A.I. & physics (raw processing)…you get the idea.

  • Man, it’s a good try and I really like the tendons in the neck, but it’s the usual stuff. Corners of the mouth and eyes.

  • meh, L.A Noire has more emotions the only problem L.A Noire has is with the talent and the way they wanted the characters to act, they’re overreacting and i understand why but technology wise it’s extremely impresive, they just need to find a way to combine the facial animation capture with the whole body motion capture.

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