This Devilish Marriage Of Pac-Man And Bejeweled Is A Must-Play

This Devilish Marriage Of Pac-Man And Bejeweled Is A Must-Play

As match three games go, Pac-Chomp is a doozie, especially for those among us who happen to love the aesthetics and memories of Pac-Man and his glowing ghost pals.

In the $1.19 iPhone game Pac-Chomp, players tap on the neon ghosts lined up in an eight-by-eight grid to get slide them into matching rows or columns of three or more like ghosts. The more ghosts you clear with match-ups, the higher your score.

But the real twist is how Pac-Man plays into the game. Buried amidst all of those ghosts is the single yellow Pac-Man, waiting for a chance to chomp any power ups that you manage to move his way. Once a power up is next to Pac-Man you can move him over to grab it, clearing entire rows and columns at a time, ghosts of a particular colour or even turning all of the ghosts blue. That final feat, achieved by eating a power pellet, lets you take control of Pac-Man as he chomps his way up, down and across the screen, eating up blue ghosts until the time runs out.

The final twist to Pac-Chomp is the ability to rotate an entire quadrant of the screen with a single button push, this combined with the Pac-Man theme and power-ups helps to separate this particular puzzler from a lot of the other match three games popping up on the iPhone, Android and other devices.

And if you lose interest in the normal game mode, Pac-Chomp also includes a hard core mode which reduces the time you have to make matches and a scramble mode which gives you a set time in which to hit a high score.

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