This Is All You Need To See Of Uwe Boll’s Latest Bloodrayne Movie

This Is All You Need To See Of Uwe Boll’s Latest Bloodrayne Movie

Next month Phase 4 Films releases the latest movie in Uwe Boll’s epic Bloodrayne series on Blu-ray and DVD, Bloodrayne: The Third Reich, starring Natassia Malthe and her breasts. Instead of purchasing it, why not just look at Fangoria’s exclusive images and make up your own story?

Once upon a time there was a half-vampire that enjoyed corsets and killing Nazis. You go ahead and pick it up from there. If you are striving for authenticity, make sure your version of the film’s plot includes actor Michael Paré as an SS commandant and Richie Cunningham’s freakish brother Clint Howard as someone named Doctor Mangler.

Don’t forget to include Rayne’s incredibly sexy hat as well. I would pay good money for a hat like that. In fact, I’d pay more for that hat than I ever would for a copy of Bloodrayne: The Third Reich.

Hit up the link below for more exclusive Fangoria images of Rayne, her chest, and her amazing hat.



  • Mike, I ‘m not sure that you’re taking Uwe Boll seriously, and for that you should be applauded. 🙂

  • Who is funding this guy? How do his movies make enough money for him to keep making them?

    It feels like he really hates games and is doing his best to make them seem terrible with his movies.

    • German tax laws regarding “the arts.”

      Worst case scenario for him with a film is that he breaks even.

    • Also, I’d like to add that (bizarrely) in Boll’s defense he has generally made movies of games that fit his approach – Bloodrayne wasn’t high art by any means. It was fricking camp as all hell.

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