This Is How The Cursed Crusade Does Its Co-op Combat, Splitscreen Style

Atlus is bringing The Cursed Crusade, a dark, combat-heavy medieval adventure, to the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC this fall. And if you enjoy cooperative splitscreen combat, start paying attention to Kylotonn Entertainment's violent way of doing things.

The co-op offerings on hand include holds, finishing moves and player revives, done so with both horizontal and vertical splitscreen views for the discriminating two-player fan. You want more details, splitscreeners? Head over to the official Cursed Crusade web site for more.


    Hrm, this is looking much better than I remember it looking. Quite fun actually, the fighting system seems nice and heavy, without being slow.

    But there's no spiders... how do you have a game like this without giant spiders?

    Seems very, very similar to Knights of the Temple: Infernal Crusade by Starbreeze studios back in the day. That isn't a bad thing, mind you...

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