This Is Johnny Depp's Jack Sparrow As A LEGO Pirate

Johnny Depp does a great job playing an off-kilter buccaneer in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, but can a pile of LEGO bricks - a pile of virtual ones, no less - nail the performance in a new video game? I checked the brand new LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean video game and, well, they nailed it.

We'll have more on the new Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, DS, 3DS and Wii game soon. But for now, marvel at Depp and LEGO Depp.


    OMG I am so getting this game now. I wasn't before as the Star Wars games were a bit boring but this will never get old.

    Anyone know if the game is street dated in Australia? Already out overseas, but not due here until the 19th :(

      I don't believe so, the recent Star Wars game wasn't as my missus picked it up a few days before the real date.

      However, the only thing that would hold it back, is it's being released in time with the movie, so they might be a bit more strict this time around.

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