This Is Real War, Viewed From The Call Of Duty Camera Angle

This Is Real War, Viewed From The Call Of Duty Camera Angle

In real, modern combat, in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, some soldiers have cameras attached to their helmets. The videos make it to YouTube, giving the rest of the world a first-person view of real combat.

This week, the New York Times presents a simultaneously stunning and mundane video of an ambush in Afghanistan, as seen through the helmet cam of one US soldier. Such videos, the Times notes, make “personal brushes with combat look like first-person-shooter video games, though rawer and more chaotic and replete with real-life soundtracks of explosions, zinging bullets and muttered invectives”.

The Times video shows a glimpse of just one harrowing day, December 8, 2010, a tougher day than I’ve ever had at my job. I can’t embed the video here, but I urge you to watch it over at the NYT site. This is what we play, but real.

Combat in the First Person: Haruti [NYT]


  • Amazing footage. I wish they could convey that realism into Call of Duty. Alas – its all glorified and over the top rubbish.

    • nah, leave call of duty as is.
      if you want this sort of realism, play arma 2 (arma 3 is coming soon, too), i play arma2 combined operations with about 10 or so realism mods, and online gameplay is awesome. it is truely a hardcore military simulator.

  • See that!? Real soldiers use the noobtube
    all the time! So quit hating!!

    also, impressive footage, unbelievable

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