This Is The New Dragon Ball Game In Trailer Form

The recently revealed Dragon Ball Game Project Age 2011 (temporary title) is an upcoming fighting game for the PS3 and Xbox 360. It'll be out fall 2011. This is what it looks like!


    Am I the only one who's sick of DBZ fighters?

      My friend stills buys them. Atleast this one has better graphics.

      It would be nice if they just stopped remaking the same game though. Budokai Tenkaichi 3 had so many characters and work put into it and I went to look at the new one my friend has and it's the same game with better graphics with only a few characters.

      What I would like to see is a well thought out side scrolling DBZ fighter like the old Japanese PS1 DBZ games, or another Legacy of Goku.

    wow. . . it looks like. . . every other DBZ fighting game that's been released this console generation. . .

    I hope they at least expand the list of fighters to more than that in Raging Blast 2. Maybe include those from GT such as Ledgic, Goku Jr., Mutchy or Bulla. As well bring back the exclusive characters from previous games like Gokule, Tiencha, Cellin and Soba.

    I'm only interested if they finally let you become ssj Nappa or ssj Raditz. I mean, come on, we've been asking for them since the show was still new.

      you are an idiot. WHY would they're be a ssj Nappa or Raditz, they're dead and it never happened nor it ever will. At least Tiencha, Cellin and Soba were believe since anyone could do the fusion technique.

      Nappa and Raditz, why play those shitty characters anyway? Pfft master Roshii is even better than them (in-game)

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