This Life-Sized Portal Turret Replica Has Its Laser Eye On You

Complete with a red laser eye and motion-sensing sound bytes, video game replica prop master Ryan Palser's latest creation is only one assload of bullets away from being a really bad idea.

Palser has spent month's putting together this replica of my favourite characters from the first Portal game, and all of his hard work certainly shows in the final product. The custom laser-cut eye is a work of art, the plastic bits perfectly polished to a high sheen. Motion sensors cause sound files to play, wondering if you're still there, while the game's theme song plays at the touch of a button.

Unfortunately Valve changed up the turret design between Portal and Portal 2, so Ryan has labelled this one Portal Turret Version 1.0. Perhaps for version 2.0 he'll finally get around to adding bullets.

Hit up Ryan's Flickr page to see how the entire project played out from start to finish.

Portal Turret 1.0 [Flickr via Make - Thanks Ayus!]



    Character? It's a turret.

      If your criteria of being a character excludes robotic AI, then the only character in Portal 1 was a expressionless mute. Besides - this one's different.

      I would pay a lot of money that I don't have for this.

      Dont be soooo mean... The turrent has feelings you know :(

      They get hurt just like humans....

      The turret was the character that showed the most emotion in the first portal, I mean, it forgave you when you killed it...

      Guess that means Wall-E and EVE's out for you, huh?


    Click, click, click, yesp still defective.

    You know, that'd be an awesome case mod.

    Just don't give it any bullets...

    What's the difference between the Portal and Portal 2 turrets? They look the same to me...


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