This Looks Like Evangelion, But It’s Not

This Looks Like Evangelion, But It’s Not
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Senritsu no Stratos is an upcoming PSP game that looks familiar. Developed by Nude Maker and published by Konami, the game is being designed by Hifumi Kono, who did Infinite Space for Sega.

The debut trailer kind of looks like famed anime Neon Genesis Evangelion.


  • I think i’ll get this just because no one has released a god-damned current gen evangellion game, regardless of my need for one!

  • Bloody oath that has got some to be a splitting image of Eva! Even noticed some scenes which are direct takes off the original series!

    Also 2nd for a Neon Genesis game. Although I think my expectations would be so high I’d only be satisfied with a controller the life sized entry plug (& possibly Evangelion XD). As long as the LCL didn’t kill me I’d buy it.

  • Feels good man, hope it has a few mindscrew moments too. Hopefully it’ll be released in English, unlike all the other Eva games.

  • The control room and the big eye thing are the only things i can really see that are of any likeness to EVA, but how many control rooms and giant monsters have we seen in anime over the years? too many.

    I would fucking love an EVA game, but i agree it would have to be AMAZING. maybe a cross between Z.O.E. and persona series would be rad, real time action and life sim stuff. plus a HEAVY dose of existential crises for good measure. if i could make this game myself trust me that is what i would be doing RIGHT NOW.

    while i’m at it i’d also like a ninja scroll game in the vein of devil may cry/genji, a ghost in the shell romp with the freeplay style of prototype/infamous/just cause and the weapons and stealth of MGS, also can’t forget a Gurren Lagann joint with the scale of shadow of the colossus and the epic adventure of a zelda game.

    a man (boy) can dream.

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