This Mortal Kombat Video Will Probably Annoy You

This Mortal Kombat Video Will Probably Annoy You

This Mortal Kombat video goes into detail about the process of creating fatalities. Of course Mortal Kombat has been refused classification in Australia, and most of us haven’t been able to play it, but what this video really illustrates is just how impotent fatalities are. They’re essentially an adult, advanced replication of games you would play as a kid, pretending to die in the most bizarre ways possible.

I really enjoyed this video, just getting a background on the process – where the ideas come from, how they’re implemented. It completely takes the sting from fatalities in general, and shows them for what they really are – a harmless bit of fun.

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  • Yeah, my housemate imported it no worries. Hell, it’s still cheaper than if it were selling here too.

    • If it was customs, you’d get a letter, and you have to sign to say you’ve received the letter, so you’ll definately know it was customs.

      I know a lot of people who have it, and have yet to run into anyone who’s been pulled up by customs.

    • Mine copy was personally signed by customs saying “Game”. My group of Friends all got there’s with no issues either.

  • I managed to get the Tournament edition through from fishpond. They must have screwed up as I got the tournament edition for $89. The fight stick is just fantastic quality.

    Didn’t read about customs siezures til after ordering it, was crapping bricks for a while.

  • I got the Kollector’s Edition, came through just fine. Was a bit worried, as it had quite a large box, but no worries there.

  • I’m going to go back one further step – Championship Sprint C64. Loved that game to death.

    But I think the best game in this genre has to be Racing Destruction C64. A fully fledged sandbox of a racer.

    Going to be saving this one for when I get home and need something to do before the football starts.

  • I think you’d have to be pretty unlucky, as customs would actually have to pick your parcel at random and inspect it – mine arrived sealed, with no possible way to tell what was inside it.

    • Mine arrived safely in my hands with Mortal Kombat actually on the shipping label. I don’t think they’re looking too hard anyways 😛

  • I bought mine from best buy when i was in the states recently and just took it in my carry on luggage, im sure they saw discs in the scanner but didnt bother to look, why would they anyway the law is silly.

    • I’d say “officially” they are, but in reality they aren’t wasting their time because there are more important things to worry about.

  • I ordered the massive Tournament Edition with totally sweet controller and it arrived from Canada in like 8 days. No worries at all.

    I love this game btw, if you have any concerns about it not getting through, my sources tell me(sources who work in customs) that only 5% of RC material gets caught at the border. Even if it does get caught, if its 1 copy, you will not be fined.

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