This Three Person Chess Looks 'Awesome-Bad'

I can't decide whether this attempt at creating a three person chess board is the best idea ever, or the worst idea ever. So I'm going with the concept that it's 'awesome-bad'.

It's based off a (presumably) terrible joke on The Big Bang Theory - sorry, I hate that show - where the main characters invent the game for some 'hilarious' reason.

The rules? Apparently just like real chess, until the whole thing just collapses into broken absurdity.

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    Don't apologise. I don't like the show at all.

    Though I would like to give a shot at playing 3-way chess.
    I suck shit at the game, but it'd be fun to have a go.

    Man i love that i'm not the only nerd that dislikes that show.
    not because its accurate or inaccurate but because it annoys me.

    but... but i like the show... :( *sniff*

    admittedly i haven't watched it in months, however..

      I might have liked it if I hadn't seen the IT Crowd first...

        That show opens up a chortle portle inside of me..

        it's delicious, and educational.

        EG: The internet is inside big ben, for better reception!

        See i cant stand the IT crowd either.
        I am in IT support for a massive company so that could be why, i live the show.

          I work for the Government and I love The Hollowmen, Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister.

            I work for an engineering company, and I like... wait there are no shows about engineers :(

              I suppose Mythbusters could be semi categorised as an engineering show...

              though nowadays its just more explosions than anything else...seems like that's where everything is heading after awhile on Top Gear

              The re-inventors?
              Scapheap Challenge?
              Monster Garage?
              Monster Moves?
              Destroyed in Seconds?
              Engineering Disasters?

                If you're living Engineering Disasters, you should look for another job.

          I work in IT as well, I haven't seen much of the IT Crowd but from what I saw it seems less about IT work and more about british comedy. Just people in odd situations, being odd.

          It would be like comparing The Office and being a salesman, sure that's the job of many people in the show, but it rarely has anything to do with the plot or jokes.

            I was more meaning story driven shows, eg dramas, sitcoms etc.

            Not reality tv shows. Which most of those are not about Engineers, but more Tradespeople. Engineers don't get our hands dirty, we stand around doing calculations and project management.

            Hence the lack of shows, we're actually quite boring.

            Although technically Michael Schofield in Prison Break was a civil engineer.


        So many times this.

          Best IT show is got to be the Office(uk), with Ricky Gervais...

    I really, really want to play that.

    Also what's wrong with Big Bang?

      Nothing is wrong with Big Bang. Haters gonna hate...

      Lazy writing, poor characterisation and most importantly of all, that damned laugh track.

        It's a studio audience, not a laugh track. But that audience must be the most pathetic sheep ever or they must be paid based on how hard they laugh because they are in uproar over every single damn unfunny line.

          I've heard the bit about it being a studio audience many times and I honestly don't see the difference. It still ruins any attempt at there being comedic timing.

          And yes, they do seem to find some remarkably unfunny things uproaringly hilarious.

          There really is no reason for it, it adds nothing to the show but takes a whole lot away.

    i like it!

    Hating on Big Bang Theory? wtf... such an amazing show, hilarious in every way. IT Crowd although i like it too doesn't even come close.

    It boggles my mind that anyone enjoys the Big Bang Theory.

    Three player chess, on the other hand, I could totally get behind.

    I still want someone to make a real-time chess as opposed to a turn-based one. You know. Just for the chaos.

      Big Bang has its moments, like using star maps and military drones to find the house of america's next top model. I guess one awesome moment doesn't make up for sheldon laundry jokes though...

    Have to play it to know I guess.

    But looking at it, it does look ridiculous. First move - rook takes rook? Second, P2 takes P3 rook. 3rd, P3 takes your rook... Ook.

    Also having no center makes pieces like the queen far less valuable.

    Yep, pretty much a disaster. Good drinking game maybe?

    Where are the jetpacks?

    Methinks this demonstrates why crazy chess variants have been for four players previously - three just gets weird!

      Best chess variant? Chess boxing.

        Couldn't resist!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Best game of chess I've ever seen!

    I hate that show so much

      Speaking of tv shows...


        Speaking of tv shows... did I see you on One HD with Maude Garret and the guy from Tripple J?

    penny is hot tho

    So every player starts with one castle each after they take one each on their first move. Good game.

    I don't get it, how does a pawn cross the circle in the middle?

      Maybe it can emerge in any square they choose touching the circle? We need a video of some people playing it.

        That would make the Rook, Bishop and the Queen insanely powerful. And also mind-boggling. Diagonal movement is curved even without allowing pieces to reappear at an aribtrary point on the other side of the circle. Knight movement would be insane as well.

        I suspect that a game like this could work, but you'd need a triangle grid or a hex grid or something. A circular board like this just makes my mind hurt.

    I'm a fan of Big Bang Theory, but even I have to concede, that episode with the 3 player chess was aweful.

    So if I were white I can just pick off black or gray's castle in my first move... lol

      Surely you'd all have to start with an en' passat (spelling) move.

    You can try better three person chess board (hexagonal) with rules similar to classic chess rules on . This round board looks awesome, but it's too different from the classic chess and to get used with.

    Does no-one see the uncrossable black lines separating the three players? I think it's pretty awesome.

    Hey! I like the big bang theory!

    dont worry big bang two and a half men pretty much anything with a laugh track is annoying chuck lorrie is a bad man for making this garbage

    The funniest thing about this is that, the more the nay-sayers run down "The Big Bang Theory", the more they tend to sound like Sheldon Cooper... :-D

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