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Brink comes out this week, and I think I'll give it a wee bash if I have the time. Steel Diver, which totally should have been a launch title, is also released - just in time to inspire some interest in the 3DS. I haven't busted out Nintendo's new handheld in a while, so this may be as good an excuse as any. Also - Glee: Karaoke Revolution!

Brink (360/PS3/PC) What is it? Innovative team shooter that I'm totally going to try out. Should you care? All the cool kids care about it.

Glee: Karaoke Revolution (Wii) What is it? A hardcore shooter, with puzzle elements. Game of the year contender. You play Arganthor, a broken down ex-space marine as he attempts to reclaim his pride, his position, and his self respect against the backdrop of an alien invasion from the planet Gargatazor. You'll laugh, you'll cry. You'll want to kill yourself by pouring acid into your eyeballs. Should you care? No.

MX vs ATV Alive (360/PS3) What is it? A bike game. Should you care? Why u no buy Pure?

Steel Diver (3DS) What is it? The underwater game thingy that even Satoru Iwata said was boring. Should you care? I actually haven't played it yet. I'm curious to check it out though.

The First Templar (PC) What is it? (Hits up google.) A third person action game about the Holy Grail. Should you care? Only the penitent man shall pass.


    Ah Brink, I had cared... when you were $50 on Steam.

    I've pre-ordered from ozgameshop for $32 (using the royal wedding $5 discount, now expired), nearly 1/3 of the current asking price on Steam.... I'll be tied over with The Witcher for a while, so I can wait.

      I don't get these steam price changes. Is not the whole reason our dollar is strong is because the USA needs us to buy shit to keep there economy running. What's the point of the exchange rate if weare not following it.

        There have been several discussions on Kotaku about it previously. Basically, it boils down to retailers and publishers. Retailers complain that their market is being undercut by Steam because Steam is offering the same product at half the price the retailers are offering it for. The retailers bitch to the distributers who bitch to the publishers who bitch to Steam... Steam then raises the prices to match the Australian retail sector, and we as aussies keep getting ass raped in the cost of games like we've been doing for the last decade.

        Vote with your wallet, buy the game from the cheapest source.

          Steam itself doesn't set the prices. The publishers tell Steam what to list it as.

          As I see it, the distributors complain to the publishers, who then note that Australians are willing to pay a lot more for games, and thus change their DD prices to suit.

          Thankfully that willingness is decreasing as the public becomes more aware of pricing discrepancies.

            I tried really hard to get the 50$ version of Brink. It was even 38$ on D2D.

            I almost lost my money to a Canadian paypal account, don't try that it won't let you buy anything or send it back without issuing a refund.

            I'm just going to wait for a sale :(

              For steamworks games buy from the 'download' stores of GAME or Gamestop. Game is a little steep die to the AU/Pound exchange, but Gamestop is good. It appears you do need to proxy to add to cart, but apart from that it's easy.

              Or if your patient and the game isn't RC, you can just order the physical copy.

      Ditto, minus the wedding discount!

      I was going to get it on Steam, but had just got Portal 2. Didnt want too many games on pre-order :S
      Seems silly now.

    I don't get what the big deal is about Brink. I've seen a few gameplay videos and honestly it doesn't look that different from every other shooter out there. How's it innovative? Anyone care to enlighten me?

      In many cases, yeah, it does like like an amalgam of various FPS games that have already been released.
      I suppose the thing that's exciting people is the fact that these elements are coming together and hopefully will work together well.

      The class and character customisation, the four unique classes, simplified yet smooth and functioning movement and obstacle-interaction (SMART), the class-related tasks for each mission, combined with the idea that this could result in a lot of online fun with friends; that's what a lot of people are seeing into Brink.

      Personally, I'll wait for the reviews to come out before I decide.

      Not to mention that multi- and single-player are actually one and the same (ie: you could play the game solo, or play the game with and against real people filling the roles of your enemies/team)

        Hardly the first game to do that... it's quite common in games without "real" single player.

    I'll be buying Brink on Steam if I can bother using a proxy etc. It's $49.99 USD or $90AUD... what a rip.

      I got my American buddy to gift me a copy, worked without any issues. It's preloaded now, too (a 5GB download).

      I'm curious as to whether or not it will unlock on the 10th or the 12th, given that it's an American copy in the Asia-Pacific region.

        Sadly I don't trust any of the Americans I know :(

    It's official. I'm not one of the cool kids. I always suspected this, but now I know for sure. *sniffle*

      Also, I am in no way interested in Glee or Karaoke Revolution versions of Glee, but I'm guessing it might be fun considering my husband bought the American Idol version of KR and I found that sort of fun. It was definitely fun torturing him by singing that silly song from Titanic and getting 100% and winning American Idol thus beating him in as shameful a way as possible. Maybe it's just me though, after all we've already established I'm not one of the cool kids. ;-)

    Mark, Glee: Battle Revolution looks F^$#ING AMAZING. It will be worth it alone for the big opening action climax where you're battling Lizard Marines inside a crumbling mega-skyscraper, all to the dubbed auto-tuned glee rendition of "Don't stop me now" By Queen. Game of the year contender indeed.

    I've heard that it comes with day one DLC though. Ugh.

      Dont. Stop. Beleeeiiivvvviiing.
      Hold onto that fee-heeehheehheeelingg.

    Brink looked interesting when I saw those preview videos for it a while ago. Might pick it up somewhere down the line, but really the problem with a game like this is if you wait 6 months the online community is either dead or evolved to the point where a newbie can't easily slot themselves in. :(

      I wonder how pissed Splash Damage were when they saw Crysis 2 had a "parkour" element that was similar to S.M.A.R.T
      So far it seems to be mostly the same with ledge grabs and slides... with perhaps the added feature of gliding over obstacles.
      Either way its not "new" anymore.

    I don't really see the appeal of Brink. A team based shooter with parkour sounds fun, but the videos I've seen haven't really exaggerated the parkour bits, and in general, teamwork breaks down and everyone just ends up doing whatever they feel like.

    Also, you have just sold me on Glee Karaoke Revolution. Well played, Mark.

    Woo! Brink!

    Brink is freaking awesome!
    Got to play it earlier this week and the multiplayer works really well.
    Due to the objective based nature of the game, people end up working in a team, without even realizing it.
    I played with 3 other people, versus 4 other guys and it was great fun.

    I tried out the 360 port of The First Templar. It is positively horrible.

    Brink prices (mostly PS3):
    OZGameShop: $54 ($38 PC)
    AusGamez: $56
    CDwow : $61
    JBHiFi : $89
    EBGames : $108 (but it is the Steelbook edition)

    Might order it.

    Props for the Indy reference.

    .. and now you've made me google Glee. Well played, Serrels.

    It'll be interesting to see if the PSN situation hurts sales of Brink on PS3. Most shooters (and most of their players) are all about the online side of things. If they can't actually get online, you have to wonder how many will bother with it. At least until PSN comes back, whenever that might be.

    So, who else will be playing Brink on 360?
    Tag is Jocon89 if anyone wants to team up.
    When my copy arrives from Ozgameshop anyway.

    Brink is looking good, looking forward to something a bit different

    I rarely pre-order non-indie titles, but I also took advantage of that $32 ozgameshop deal for Brink... I'm sorry Section 8: Prejudice, but you really picked a bad time to come out and will probably need a 50% off/free weekend in about a month and a half to recover from those of us who held off to put their money towards Brink instead.

    I might have cared about MX vs ATV if they were bothering with a PC port this time... then again on the rare occasions they did they cut out the splitscreen! *grumble*grumble*

    Brink looks appealing... but I may wait a little.

    nearly ordered brink from thehut with a discount coupon yesterday... but i'm gonna wait n see how it goes... need to stop rushing into new releases as i have way too big of a back catalogue at the moment and i can't stop playing Rift (1.2 this week!!!!)

    There is no point to PS3 Brink coming out this week with PSN dead.

    I used to be really interested in Brink, but after seeing every preview...

    ...why was I interested again?

    I haven't seen any real 'Mirror's Edge' sort of use for the parkour, the only two levels shown look generic, and while the character appearance customisation looks good, the apeish look of the characters looks dumb.

    $88 at GAME!!!!!!!!!!

      Online or Instore?
      I was burnt by Portal 2 being released early and them having to ship it out...
      I still have nightmares.

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