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Brink comes out this week, and I think I'll give it a wee bash if I have the time. Steel Diver, which totally should have been a launch title, is also released - just in time to inspire some interest in the 3DS. I haven't busted out Nintendo's new handheld in a while, so this may be as good an excuse as any. Also - Glee: Karaoke Revolution!

Brink (360/PS3/PC) What is it? Innovative team shooter that I'm totally going to try out. Should you care? All the cool kids care about it.

Glee: Karaoke Revolution (Wii) What is it? A hardcore shooter, with puzzle elements. Game of the year contender. You play Arganthor, a broken down ex-space marine as he attempts to reclaim his pride, his position, and his self respect against the backdrop of an alien invasion from the planet Gargatazor. You'll laugh, you'll cry. You'll want to kill yourself by pouring acid into your eyeballs. Should you care? No.

MX vs ATV Alive (360/PS3) What is it? A bike game. Should you care? Why u no buy Pure?

Steel Diver (3DS) What is it? The underwater game thingy that even Satoru Iwata said was boring. Should you care? I actually haven't played it yet. I'm curious to check it out though.

The First Templar (PC) What is it? (Hits up google.) A third person action game about the Holy Grail. Should you care? Only the penitent man shall pass.


    Looking forward to Brink like a son of a bitch. RTCW is what got me into multiplayer gaming, ETQW is one of the best multiplayer FPS games I've ever played and I'm hoping Splash Damage repeat their success and make Brink consume 1000 hours of my life this year.

    I never knew Glee:Karaoke was a hardcore shooter...

    Not sure if I wanna get into another shooter after finishing Crysis 2 over the weekend but then again, all I seem to be playing is shooters. :S

    If the PSN does come back up this week, then I 'might' get Brink. If it doesn't, then I might get it either way. :P

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