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Not too many games coming out this week, but plenty of important ones - L.A. Noire is king ding-a-ling. But you might be parched for some Witcher 2 action. Those are the two humdingers, unless you happen to be a huge fan of Johnny Depp encased within a terrifying LEGO shaped shell...

Fable 3 (PC) What is it? Yes you smart arse! I know it came out ages ago, but this is the 'Master Race' PC edition. Should you care? I'm going to say... maybe. It's a bit old news by now.

L.A. Noire (360/PS3) What is it? [Sax plays in background]It was a cold night, some bright eyed, bushy tailed dame walked right into my office. It was clear this she was used to playing games. Should you care? It was obvious that this was a game I was going to have to play. [Sax echoes and fades]

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean (EVERYTHING) What is it? The latest LEGO romp through all things piratey, savvy? Should you care? I don't. But I won't judge you.

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings (PC) What is it? The game that has been getting a fair bit of attention for the wrong reasons is almost here. Stellar RPG that pushes the boundaries of PC gaming. Should you care? Depends on how much you want to pay for it!


    L.A. Noire will consume my weekend. Unbelievably excited about that game.

    Pfft witcher is the most important

    Putting off LA Noire until assignments are done...

      Yea i'm gonna have to hold off LA Noire till exams are done about a month from now.

      My housemate has it pre-ordered though so living room is off limits for me when he's playing it lol.

    cannot wait for LA Noire....

    I really want to get LA Noire, but I'm not sure how it'll impact me finishing my masters thesis. Although my girlfriend is pretty excited about it too, so chances are I will only be allowed to play in the evenings when she's back from work...

    Getting LA Noire! Would probably also grab The Witcher 2 if I thought my PC could run it.

    I'm still waiting for the Eurovision Song Contest FPS to be released, so I guess LA Noire will do in the meantime.

    I'm getting The Witcher 2 and L.A Noire.
    Goodbye social life*

    *Disclaimer: social life may never have existed.

    Hey has anyone seen this deal can I just print it off on paper and use that or is this voucher from somewhere else?

    Incoming L.A. Noire & LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean!!

    I wouldn't mind playing Lego Pirates one of these days. Just finished the Harry Potter one, actually.

    I'm in two minds about LA Noire though... Might have to wait for a Community Review or something. Have to make sure I'll like it before I invest. :P

    Just a heads up, Fable III was a fairly big disaster, at least on Xbox. I don't think it's worth the money.

    I'm kinda interested in The Witcher, it looks like a great game.

      Indeed the Sanctuary system is moronic.

      Though they have apparently redone alot of the combat system for PC to steer it away from a straight console port area.

      was willing to give it a try until they decided they were infact not going to release a Demo.

      Not willing to lay down a fifty for this untried so looks like it will be steam sales at xmas instead

      I actually really liked Fable 3. The worst part of it was the lack of character morphing. If a modder can add it back in on the PC version I'll definitely fork out more money and get the PC version of the game.

        RPS did some playtesting on it and I believe they said they liked it on PC.

    Isn't No More Heroes out this week also ??
    Im quite looking forward to that.

      oooo... forgot about that one, add that too my list also...

    Cannot wait for L.A. Noire, have been amped for that game for a long time now :)

    Oh nuts, I didn't realise L.A. Noire was out this week. I guess that's another chunk of my money going (already getting The Witcher 2).

    Bad timing, off to Canberra for work for the rest of the week. Oh the humanity!

    But then I'll be back for the weekend for both Witcher 2 and LA Noire. Goodbye any contact with the outside world, hello TV and PC Monitor.

    I want LA Noire, but I did just purchase 2 games from the UK last week. And my pile of shame is pushing 150-200 games at the moment.

    So I probably should wait on it.

    LA Noire already preordered with 2 DLC. :D

    I imported lego pirates because i wanted something to play on the weekend and it was cheap

    its really quite good, better than the star wars ones anyway.

    good co-op game.

    La Noire is undoubtedly going to be great, but The Witcher 2 is what I'm looking forward too most of all.

    Where's everyone picking up LA Noire? I was thinking of pricematching JB's $89 at EB, just because it's easier to pick it up during my Friday lunchbreak.

      I'm getting it from EB, they're accross the street from work... so it's a convienience thing.

      Also, their pre-order bonus was a dead hooker case, and I love me some dead hookers.

        Hey James - I just got back from JB, they've actually reduced their price to $78 and have said their street date is May 19. Might be worth checking out. I'll probably buy from them, saving $11 is worth the tiny bit of extra hassle.

      JB have dropped their price to $78, spread the word!!

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