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You know, when only two games are released in the week, you have to weigh up the pros and cons of actually bothering to write the 'This Week In Games' post. Usually the criteria is this: are the games important, and does anyone give a rat's arse about them? This week's verdict? Well - you're reading this post aren't you! That's a positive sign!

Dead or Alive Dimension (3DS) What is it? A boob jiggling simulator in which users must fight to make boobs jiggle. Still can't quite understand why this game has male characters... Should you care? I think Super Street Fighter IV has the 3D fighting thing sort, so it depends on how much you need jigglage. But yeah... another 3DS game! Hurray!

DiRT 3 (360/PS3/PC) What is it? New entry into the bombtastic DiRT franchise. Should you care? You know, the more I think about it, the more I think that DiRT 3, alongside Forza, may be the defining racing series of this generation.


    PumpedPumpedPumpedPumpedPumpedPumpedPumped for Dirt 3! Early reports suggest some improvements over Dirt 2, but I don't care, I just want it unlocking in Steam ASAP! Its been an odd series though, It takes leaps forward, then removes all the good in the next series! Hopefully with weather finally making a return, and reports of more rally instead of less (whose stupid decision was it to make a rally game less of a rally game???) it will be awesome on a plate. And snow is back! Gah! SEX!

      OH SNAP!!

      It's out this week?!

      *runs off to steam to purchase*

      I cannot wait for this to come out. Maybe it will kickstart my motivation to get my game on again?

        As you've already got Dirt 2 on your steam account, you will also get a giftable copy of Dirt 2 to give away for free! Not too shabby if you ask me, and I have a feeling that the price will jump right up to like $70 as soon as ppl realize Dirt games offer quite good value.

          Yeah, I was pretty excited to see that - dirt 2 graphics are still phenomenal and it looks stunning.

          Suppose I'll be everyone's best friend now until I give it to someone on my list? :p

    Still got three new releases from last week to play through. Why do all the presents have to come at once?

    I'll be busy for weeks to come but maybe Dirt 3 many moons into the future when it's in a bargain bin.

    This makes the new releases section of Cheap$kate significantly easier to do up this week :P

      When you do Cheap$kate you might want to include this:

    Tempted for DiRT3 because it's focused more on rallies, but I'll need to find out the number of tracks in the game.

    DiRT2 became SOOOOOOOOOOO boring doing the same event on the same track about 10-15 times!

      32 rally tracks I think, but apparently there's quite a few reused sections. Thats annoying. Also, in the career mode, its not until season 4 that the full rallies happen. So thats hours of stupid slow 'trucks' to make yankee's happy. Have they not read the forums??? PPL generally overall hate that crap! But some stoopid bright spark in the demographic department says so, so screw public opinion!

      But I'm still getting it, playing Dirt 2 again recently against welbot has cemented my decision that its one of the rarer well done series, where they mostly aim to get a good product out the door. But Codies really need to start showing some after says support for once.

        *after sales support for once

        Also, most rallies are like 90 seconds long for the first 3 seasons! pffft.. but I'm still getting it...

          Mainly will see how the rallies hold up, they felt the best of any car type in DiRT2, but they were so short and you were given points for each stage, it wasn't based on cumulative times.

          So if it doesn't satisfy the urges then I might pick up the VERY ROUGH WRC game instead, that's floating around for cheap at the moment.

    Time to finish LA Noire and Portal's co-op, then.

    I may have no new purchases other than DLC until Deus Ex: Human Revolution. The next 3 months look very barren for the PS3 if you aren't into shooters.

    And they said there was no good games for the 3ds.

    This weel in games...think ps-store is coming back. so i can start downloading DLCs again

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