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This week, well - let's just say it's the proverbial calm before the storm. The big release this week is Hunted: The Demon's Forge, and... that's about it really.

Hunted: The Demon's Forge (PS3/360/PC) What is it? A co-op action game published by Bethesda, set in a fantasy world, with much slashing and various other fantasy style activities such as bows and arrows and the like. Should you care? I thought it looked a little mediocre the last time I checked it out. But, then again, I have become a disgusting, jaded gamer with a chip on my shoulder and hatred in my heart!

The Sims 3: Generations (PC) What is it? Yeah, it's the Sims, and it's another expansion pack. Should you care? Logic and common sense says no. The ability to build strippers and hire treehouses says yes. Wait a minute. That last sentence wasn't right…

Stoked: Big Air Edition (360) What is it? A totally tubular snowboarding game that is totally radical and stuff. God I'm so old. Should you care? Cowabunga dude. Eat my shorts. Right guys?

The First Templar (360) What is it? Didn't this come out earlier? Ah, it was on the PC. Well, regardless, this is a generic action/adventure effort. Should you care? It's a bit rubbish.


    When you draw your 80s catch phrases from cartoons you're doing it wrong.

    Well MArk to be completely Honest your are a bit of a jaded Gamer and journalist. Does Jaded mean awesome. Im not sure i'm not good at english.

    Oh god, I thought 'totally tubular' was a myth.


    I actually bought Stoked last week - still chasing down a current gen equivalent of Amped 2... :(

      How awesome was Amped 2?!?!? Man I freaking loved that game. Had a few mates who were into it as well. Spent so many nights playing on XBL. I was so depressed when I realised the Amped series was taken over by 2k (I think it was 2k). When Amped 3 came out on Xbox 360 I was hoping it would be ok, but it was rubbish compared to Amped 2. And nothing has been anywhere near as good since. The style points modifier was genius!

        Never tried it online but it's the only original xbox game I go back to nowadays.
        Style moves definitely made the game :)

    Hopefully this week sees the return of the Playstation Store as well.

      That would be nice. I didn't want to buy stuff until it was taken away from me... I guess that's fairly typical of human nature,
      "No thanks; I don't want it, I don't need it"
      *Now it's gone*
      "Oh damn, I wanted that..."

    Next week I'll feel the pain...

    inFamous 2 (Hero Edition)
    Red Faction Armageddon

    and let's not forget

    Duke Nukem Forever (Balls Of Steel Edition)

    Bring it!

    Are you absolutly certain about the sims 3 expansion?.. because I'm checking the system specs on my laptop as we speak.

    Waiting for a review on Hunted: The Demon’s Forge. It looks promising but then again, it can be a big disappointment.

    Hopefully the PS Store will be backup this week. The amount of DLC's will keep me preoccupied until Duke comes out.

      I was a little bit interested in Hunted, but I think I'll just hold off for Dungeon Siege 3 next month.

      It looks promising, and I love Obsidian's writing. It's also a completely in-house engine, so they think they've got the bugs under control this time.

    One game i will be playing this week is the Duke Nukem Forever Demo.

    F*kin yeah!!!

    WHAT? inFAMOUS is not out this week?

    I just saw someone on the train opening the inFamous 2 package!!!?!???

      So did I!

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