This Year's PAX Prime Is Also One Big Halo Fest

The annual Penny Arcade Expo, the one that takes place in Seattle, will also be home to a Microsoft-sponsored festival geared for the Halo fan. The appropriately named Halo Fest, Microsoft says, is "the largest and most expansive live Halo experience ever."

Halo Fest will run alongside PAX Prime 2011, from Friday, August 26 to Sunday, August 28 at the Washington State Convention centre. Admission is free with your PAX Prime badge purchase. So why would you want to go? Microsoft promises "tournaments, exclusive panels, and sweet prizes" as part of a celebration commemorating ten years of Halo. Plus, we're sure there will be lively debates about the fiction of the Halo universe with the most knowledgeable of crowds.

Will that rumored Halo: Combat Evolved remake make an appearance? That sounds like it would be a nice bonus, eh?

Official Halo Fest Information [Halo Waypoint]


    For me, unless 343 announces something new to the Halo franchise, I personally don't want to be more involved in it.

    I understand there's a strong fan base that needs to be catered for, and that's great that they're doing that at PAX, but I'm not part of that, and won't find Halo Fest really that interesting unless they entice me with a new game or similar to the series.

    Of course, this would be more applicable if I was able to go to PAX.

    Now I really want to go to PAX.

    I wish Reach didn't rely so heavily on the forge world maps. Sure they are fun and I played the hell out of them but it'd be nice to mix it up :/

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