Time To Cash In On The Japanese Earthquake Disaster?

When the Great East Japan Earthquake rocked the country on March 11, Japanese games with sensitive imagery were delayed. PS3 title Disaster Report 4, set during a natural disaster, was canceled. The game's publisher even canned all Disaster Report titles. Not every Japanese game company is taking such drastic steps.

According to a report out of Japan, Nintendo DS game Jishin DS 72 Jikan (Earthquake DS 72 Hours) is being relaunched later this month. The game itself aims to teach players about earthquake safety (a good thing), but perhaps the relaunch could be filed under "too soon".

The number of copies in circulation has been low, because the game originally launched in summer 2009. New shipments should not only rectify that problem, but also leave you with a slightly bad taste in your mouth—especially with the costly restraint Disaster Report's developers showed.

5/9 ニンテンドーDSソフト「地震DS 72時間」が再販されるみたい [ちょっとゲーム好きが通ります。]


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