Too Human Trilogy Will Be Finished, Says Silicon Knights

Too Human Trilogy Will Be Finished, Says Silicon Knights

Silicon Knights, the creators of Xbox 360 game Too Human, says it still “intend[s]to finish the trilogy” despite meagre sales, middling critical reception and a very long development cycle.

Studio founder Denis Dyack tells Industry Gamers it has no further comment, noting “You know, there’s very public litigation around that.” We know!


  • Yay! I can’t wait until all this nonsense can be put behind them and they can get back to making games without being distracted.
    It also seems Mr. Dyack has finally learned to keep his over-enthusiastic mouth shut. This is good. 🙂

  • I’m kind of hoping it turns out that they’ll finish the trilogy with a couple of flash games. ‘Sorry guys, didn’t have the money for something quite to the same scale as Too Human, but this is almost as good’

  • He forgot to add…

    “Despite us not being any good at actually making video games and then blaming it on the engine’s developer.”

    • Yeah, who the hell are these jerks? They were in some shitty company called ‘Rare’ or some crap. Whatevs, man.

      heh… Rare… That’s how often they make a good game. AM I RITE!?

      • Because your capability to create games ten years ago is relevant to your ability to make games today?

        The game has changed and expectations are higher these days, majority of them time when pick up old games your feelings are clouded by nostalgia…

        Besides that, I challenge you to find me a game made by silicon knights that doesn’t deserve to be at the bottom of a bargain bin (A game developed by Rare does not count because the people from Silicon Knights are in fact no longer Rare).

    • If you’d played Eternal Darkness I doubt you’d be saying they’re not good at making games.

    • SK aren’t suing Epic because of TH’s critical reception.

      SK are suing Epic because, according to SK, Epic promised a certain level of tech support and Epic failed to deliver.

      Whether or not TH is a good game is absolutely irrelevant to the case.

  • Too Human was such an underrated game. Sure it had it’s flaws, but it was inexplicably fun regardless. If you didn’t have anyone to play it with it would’ve been kinda boring though.

  • It was flawed and missed a lot of the features that were promised, and then had to suffer being over hyped by Dyack’s retarded hyperbole, but all up Too Human was a pretty cool game. I’d buy a sequel.

  • I paid $5 bucks for it and really gave it a chance but its just not a very good game. I only played it once for about an hour and never touched it again. Really not typical for me.

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