Ubisoft Assures Us Beyond Good & Evil 2 Is Not Cancelled

Ubisoft's recent financial report indicated that, following a fiscal year loss of $US74 million, a number of projects were being scrapped as part of an internal reorganisation. Since we've heard very little from Beyond Good & Evil 2in the three years since its teaser trailer was shown, some thought it finally meant curtains for that long-awaited sequel.

Well, worry not. An Ubisoft spokesman confirmed to Eurogamer that BGE&2, plus I Am Alive are both still in development. "Terminated projects were unannounced projects," a Ubisoft spokesperson said. As these two are announced, they are safe.

Of course, they didn't say how far along BG&E2 is in development, or when the game would finally release.

I Am Alive is a disaster survival game headed for a PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade release.

Ubisoft: I Am Alive and BG&E2 Safe [Eurogamer]


    Would have been quite amusing (though disappointing) if I Am Alive was, well, no longer alive.

    I want BG&E2 so very badly. :(

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