Violence Erupts At A Chinese Apple Store After iPad 2 Release

Although no one seems sure what exactly happened, reports are coming out that fights broke out between staff and customers at this Beijing Apple Store today. We're talking bloodied faces and broken glass here. All over the new iPad?

The fights come one day after the iPad 2 was released in China, resulting in lines over 100m long. According to Penn Olson:

The most serious and troubling allegation – for Apple, in legal and PR terms – is that "a foreign employee" actually "beat one Chinese man with an iron rod", in the heat of the incident. No pictures or other evidence can prove this particular detail, at this time.

Three other people were injured at the time. Apple has yet to comment, but this is bad news. That being said, and knowing how furious Apple fervour can be, is it that surprising? [Penn Olson via 9to5 Mac]


    No comment at all on what was occurring at the time to cause/provoke aggression on the part of the employee? Knowing the PRC, one can't help but wonder if we'll ever know the truth. Certainly not from their news outlets, that's for damn sure

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