Voting On TF2's "Saxxy" Awards Opens Today

This a nominee for "Best Replay" in Team Fortress 2's "Saxxy" Awards, designed to celebrate the game's new replay camera feature. With the entry period closing yesterday, voting has begun on a field of entries numbering "in the tens of thousands," according to Valve.

The panel of jurists is anyone with a copy of the game on Steam (PC or Mac), so you'll have to have that and log in to Valve under the account owning it. Virtual statuettes of Mann Co.'s iconic Saxton Hale are up for grabs (as are in-game achievements and bling). There are 20 categories, ranging from "Most Epic Fail" to "Best Revenge."

While only TF2 members may see the nominees, the good news is they're all up on YouTube. Do a search for "Saxxy" and you'll see plenty. If you spot one there that's impressive, feel free to share it in the comments. Those who get 1,000 YouTube views get a Director's Hat. Other goodies are up for grabs, too. Saxxy Awards [Team Fortress 2 blog]


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