Want A Bloody-Bladed Firearm With Your Copy Of Gears Of War 3?

Want A Bloody-Bladed Firearm With Your Copy Of Gears Of War 3?

Think you’re a hardcore Gears fan for preordering the $US149.99 Epic Edition of Gears of War 3? Drop an extra $US80 on the Retro Lancer bundle and then we’ll talk.

GameStop weaponises all three versions of Gears of War 3 with the addition of bundles featuring a full-sized replica of the Retro Lancer, crafted expertly by NECA.

Back before the Coalition of Ordered Governments starting mounting chainsaws on the front of their Lancers, they tried something a bit more subdued. Poking the enemy with a sharp blade, while effective, wasn’t nearly as dramatic as they liked, so after a brief period of simply mounting another Lancer on the front of the Lancer, they decided to go with chainsaws.


The NECA replica Retro Lancer is a massive three and a half feet long, created based on 3D models ripped from the heart of Gears of War 3 and hand-painted with battle worn details and blood.

Picking up Gears of War 3 will tack on $US79.99 to each of the three versions when purchased as a bundle through GameStop, or you can purchase the standalone version for $US99.99, in case you need extras.

Gears 3 Retro Lancer Replica Pre-order Bundles Available [Epic Community]


    • Yes Aussies every where can get this but because of the laws in australia it is going to be a golden one making it look less realistic

  • Reports say that the makers and Epic are in the process of sorting out international distribution.

    If it does make it to Australia I’m certain it would be an EB exclusive, like the GoW 3 Epic Edition.

  • It’s extremely unlikely that this replica weapon will be available for purchase in Australia, considering the ridiculously overzealous protection the government feels the Australian people need.
    By law, one is required to own a gun licence to own replica weapons of any type; game, movie, historical or whatever.

    It’s truly a sweet prop, just don’t hold your breath for it.

    • I agree, you even need a full firearm license to own an airsoft gun of any sort, but anyways…

      DO WANT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hey Guys – Gametraders have this Lancer & the Limited Edition Gold Lancer available with pre-order of the game. There are only 300 of the Gold available in Australia & they are the only ones with it!!!!

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