Warm Your Nostalgic Bones With This New Ocarina Of Time Trailer

It's strange to watch a trailer for a video game I've played through multiple times - it's a different experience. Most trailers leave a trail of suspense and speculation in their wake, but this new Ocarina of Time trailer, for the 3DS re-release, is different.

Watching a trailer for a game you've already played before has you scrambling to recollect your own memories, your own experiences, instead of hunting for clues and signs of what's to come. Watching this new trailer I couldn't help but remember where I was when the game was first released on the N64, what I was doing, what kind of person I was.

A trailer really is nothing more than marketing, I get that. But I'm increasingly finding myself becoming excited about the Ocarina of Time remake. It's more than nostalgia, almost like a revival of a memory we all share. I realise how completely hokey that sounds, but I can't wait to play the game - once again - in its finished, complete state.

Thanks to Kard8p3 at Neogaf for the find.


    Honestly wouldnt matter how many times I play through this I'll never get tired or bored of OoT. Still my favourite game and still makes so happy when I play it.

    I dusted off my N64 recently and played through this again, in anticipation.

    I can understand that. Games from my past remind me of where I was and what was happening when I first played them.

    Although for this game I was young and had a PS not a 64 so i just ran around the fields and towns at a friends place.

    Bring on the re-makes :)

    Still love this game ever since i played it back in the days... The ability to still dust off my N64 and get straight into Zelda after getting my head around the controller again is always good fun :)

    *should really invest in a USB N64 controller...*

    Is it just me, or have they also improved some of the graphics in this port?

    I swear the water looks different and the power bracelet appears to be its own object instead of a texture on Link's arm in the N64 version.

      I think the character models have been redone just from looking at the screenshots.

      Link's face has definitely been upgraded, rather than being made up of 3 polygons it now has features!

      They've upped the graphics considerably. Mainly in the form of higher res textures on characters and enemies.

      well, this isn't just a port, it's a remake....

      Yes, they have definitly given it a graphical update.

      I so badly want this game, but don't feel the desire to spend $350 on a 3DS just to play this one game... I also have to get through my current back catalogue as it is!... I need more game time.

    I refuse to buy a 3DS until they fix the battery and the price drops a little.

    In saying that, I will be buying OoT 3D at launch just to have and look at.

    Glad to see the great fairies no longer have Madoona boobs :P

      This was really the only thing I was keeping an eye out for.

        RIP viney naked beast of OOT.

    That music was godly, i'll risk sounding vague here, but are they orchestrating it now?

      It would be pretty stupid to have an orchestrated score in the friggin trailer and not in the actual game. So lets hope that's the case.

    Needs more eggplants.

    Love the new graphics, they're not as grim dark as I like them to be (like in the original), but it's definitely something I could get used to.

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