Watch The Cars Of Dirt 3 Skid Along The Mediterranean

Ah, Monaco. A charming Principality, famous for its azure harbours, Grace Kelly and... car rallies. Lots and lots of car rallies. The folks over at Codemasters would like to invite you to this car-racing paradise in their newest gameplay trailer for Dirt 3, giving a glimpse of the title's Rallycross, Gymkhana and Head 2 Head stages.

It's unlikely I'll ever make it to Monte Carlo in this lifetime, so my thanks to Dirt 3 for this virtual substitution.


    I'm loving this game so far, but I still wish there was even more point to point racing. I miss the days when Colin Mcrae rally games were ONLY point to point rally. I guess they have to keep with the times, though.

      welll you have told me exactly what i wanted to hear... i aint buying this game... not gonna fall into the same trap i did with Dirt 2...looks likes its back to Dirt for the time being...

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