We Want These Portal 2 Personality Spheres

We've whinged about gaming tat before, but when you take a look at these custom made Portal 2 personality spheres, and see the sheer amount of toil and precision that has gone into making them, you can't help but kinda... want one for yourself. Especially when they light up all pretty and stuff! Ooh! Shiny!

Via Reddit


    A full scale Space one that actually talks and moves its eye on it's own would be awesome :D

    I haven't played any Portal yet, but I still want one.

    A talking space or adventure sphere keyring would be awesome. Imagine you've lost your keys, you whistle and from a gap between the lounge cushions you hear a muffled "I'm in space!"

    I played Portal for the first time this Weekend and clocked it yesterday. Portal 2 here we come. :)

      Sigh.. clocked what exactly?.. at what point in the game did your score go from 999999 to 000000?

      I'm pretty sure you mean that you finished / completed the game.

    Ye gods. I wish I had the skills to pull that off.

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