Welcome To Games Reviewing, Carolyn Petit. You’re Doing Just Fine.

Welcome To Games Reviewing, Carolyn Petit. You’re Doing Just Fine.

“I have no problem with the reviewer personally, but I dont want to see what is obviously a man, trying to look like a woman, its just too weird and I find it offensive, I dont want to be bombarded with gay/lesbian/transgender stuff on a gaming website, just have a regular guy or woman reviewing the games.” – airwalker2000 in Gamespot comments

Carolyn Petit, one of Gamespot‘s game reviewers, is transsexual. She’s just posted (what I believe to be) her first video review on the site. And she’s catching a lot of nasty commentary.

Whether or not you believe in a greater gaming community or not, currently being a gamer means laboring under a presumption of immaturity from those that don’t play games. And while much of that prejudice is unfair, it’s too often right on the mark, like when gamers ignore that a very nice video review of L.A. Noire was made by a real human—and not, as some have attempted to terrorize in the comments, a person who should be ashamed of themselves or the choices they’ve made.

Or as Carolyn Petit says in her own blog, in the wake of the negative comments:

Denying my true self was like carrying a stone in my soul everywhere. There was a hole inside me, like the one you feel when you really miss somebody, but the person I missed was me. … To help ease the pain, I lost myself in books, in music, in movies, and in games. … I don’t need games to teach me that lesson anymore. I’ve applied it in enough real-world situations that I now have the confidence in who I am to no longer be shaken by the sometimes hateful words of others.

Carolyn doesn’t need our support (or the support of the dozens of positive commenters on her L.A. Noire review), but she’s got it. And big compliments to GameSpot for giving everyone an equal opportunity.


  • These guys need to grow the fuck up. What are they going to do, not play Bard’s Tale because Rebecca Heineman used to be a dude? I CAN’T COPE WITH TRANSGENDERED PEOPLE IN MY VIDYA

  • They probably have no idea what Bard’s Tale is.

    These are the sort of blokes that have developed their social expectations of women from porn-stars.

    They can’t comprehend transgender in the same way WASP conservatives can’t comprehend anything with an alternate view.

  • Wow this just goes to prove how sheltered and closed minded some gamers can be. Big deal she’s transexual. So what? She’s still a human and deserves our respect and applause because she’s embraced who she is rather than try to hide it from society.

    • Agrees 100%. The comment about normal girl or guy from the Game spot quot is a bit dumb. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS NORMAL. lol

  • I watch video reviews to see video of the game. I don’t care who is presenting it male/female/transgender I didn’t come to look at the host anyway. Why does it even matter who reviews a game so long as it is was done well.

  • I thought it was a good review, though I’m still unsure if it s a game to buy or rent. I think the complaints might come down to a numbers game. If a few thousand people watch the review and only 1% of those gamers are immature 16 year olds with sexual fantasies they need to compensate for, then that is still alot of people to complain.

  • I can’t make a decision.

    It makes me feel uncomfortable so I understand the OP’s viewpoint. On the other hand, it’s a few minutes of game review that will be forgotten in a few minutes time, so it’s no big deal.

    Plus, just by watching it we help build a more tolerant society. That’s probably worth a little discomfort.

    • Hmmm, I just watched her Dead Space 2 review on YouTube.

      If nobody told you, you wouldn’t know. So, no big deal!

      • Goddammit Cody.
        I’m Cody too. We need the FB integration back!
        I know who I am!
        You’ll never be me!

        • I would rather FB stay OUT of stuff. FB dose not, and should not be everyware. Yeah, its a geat toll to talk to people, but so was MySpace, and look at it now.

          Also, it means less privacy, not more. FB everywhere leads to everywhere knowing who you are. I would rather not have the hole world asking me to buy there stuff.

  • I always despise how people with an agenda of simple hatred play the, ‘I feel insulted and offended’, card, as if they have poor, fragile, tender sensibilities that we should pander too by obscuring the existence of anything that offends them.

    Personally I’m offended by the fact horrid tiny minded intolerant people are allowed to walk around breathing the same air as me, but you don’t see me tieing laundry bags over their heads while indignantly commenting how offended I am… yet.

  • Personally, I don’t think anything. Why should a “regular guy or girl” (oh god that statement just STINKS of ignorance) be a job requirement? She did a good review, that’s all that should matter.

  • “I’m offended by the fact horrid tiny minded intolerant people are allowed to walk around breathing the same air as me”

    Perhaps you should stop breathing?

    Honestly, who cares. So the guy made a tranny joke. Don’t get your panties in a bunch, or boxer shorts, whatever the hell you wear.

  • I’m sorry, but while I am completely fine with both homosexual men and women, transsexual people are not okay by me.

    Why? Because they mutilate their bodies, have “parts” removed and added just so they can pretend to be a gender they are not.. Castrate themselves both physically and on a chemical level with testosterone/estrogen drugs.

    It’s wrong in my eyes.. Will I go out of my way to insult them or make them feel bad because of this? No, but I have the right to dislike them for it just as much as they have a right to believe and do whatever they want.

    • By posting a comment about how “they mutilate their bodies”, instead of just ignoring the whole thing, you are doing exactly the thing you claim you wouldn’t: go out of your way to insult them.

      If you’ve no issue with homosexuality, you should probably try to understand that being born inside a body that doesn’t correspond with what gender a person feels is just as real as being attracted to the same gender. It is a medically recognised condition that is just as real as homosexuality, or for that matter heterosexuality or being and feeling the same gender.

      How would you feel if you woke up every day in a body that wasn’t yours?

      • But without people like John to politely indicate his opinion, you would never know there was an opposing opinion, and that everybody in the world loves and supports transexuals.

        Also, I couldn’t care less. Live and let live.

    • What do you do when your not happy with the fact that you’ve put on weight you excercise

      When your unhappy with the sex you were born as exercise ain’t going to cut it.

      I find it funny people complain about mutilation when they change sex yet all plastic surgery is doing the same thing

      But because the persons reasons are different one is bad and the other no one cares about

    • Maybe you could consider it from a different point of view. If someone is so unhappy about their physical gender, that they have gone through the hoops of getting the required counselling, the long expensive and probably painful process of drugs and surgery, the time needed off work, the questioning from colleagues family and friends, the possible descrimination and harrassment, etc… don’t you think its a decision that was probably deeply considered, and one they truly felt they needed to make? She has my total support.

    • “so they can pretend to be a gender they are not.. ”

      So in other words, what you have between your legs decides how you must feel as a person, ever since the age of 4-7 years old? So in your opinion the brain should be “fixed” to accommodate the body and not the other way around? Give me one good reason…

      If you think that we can “reprogram” a person’s mind to turn from a woman into a man, then you’re seriously crazy.

      Let’s face it, this is not about the transsexual, this is all about YOU. You don’t want what is right for the other person, you want what is right for YOU.

  • I won’t be watching his reviews, but I won’t be leaving any nasty comments either.

    Why should we respect “Carolyn Petit’s” choices of lifestyle, but not respect the choices of the audience whether to watch his vids or not?

    As for the nasty comments, is everybody here new to the internet? Everybody who puts their face on the net gets mean comments, whether they deserve them or not. Being transexual just gives the trolls and haters one more obvious weapon to use.

    • It’s no more a lifestyle choice than any given person being born male or female. It’s entirely biological, and there’s nothing transgender people can do about how they’re born.

      Also, yes, the internet is full of arseholes. That doesn’t mean those arseholes should just be ignored. Arseholes anywhere, regardless of how ‘normal’ their behaviour is, deserve to be called out.

  • As per the notion that “normal” doesnt exist, you are living in a dream world. Of course there is a normal, and it is sits within one standard-deviation of the mean for a behaviour existing within any group of individuals.
    Persons whose behaviours sit in the higher standard deviations of a sample set are the outliers and are technically not “normal”.
    That is mathematics and sociology. Neither of which bend to suite peoples own opinions.

    • There is certainly normal from a statistical stand-point. There are also, of course, social norms.

      What’s more relevant though is that what is normal doesn’t necessarily mean what is right, and not being normal does not inherently mean wrong.


      • you are certainly correct. the “rightness” of something does not correlate to the number of people who believe or practice it.

        Of course, its also possible that everyone is wrong.

    • Looking back over many decades, there is now a huge ammount of well researched qualitative and quantitative studies into what is “normal” in human sex and sexuality.

      There is a wide spectrum of “normal”.
      Just because a group of people are less numerous does not mean they are in any way less valid.

  • Funny how the other day was an awareness day to stop homophobia and transphobia, then today we have something like this happen, which just points out the issue even more.

    Atleast they aren’t doing the “lets hire a hot girl” trend to attract viewers, which I find probably more offensive than this, not to mention what it does for females. They should be applauded for giving this person a go and not discriminating.

  • I believe she did the Dead Space 2 Review aswell.

    As for all this Transgender crap going on, it’s pathetic.

    A: Did she review the game?
    B: was it a good review?

    Then what the Fudge are you complaining about?

  • The first time Carolyn came to my attention was her review of Dead Space 2 (look it up on YouTube) the amount of juvenile hate coming through the comments was palpable.

    The irony was though, it was actually the most informative review of the game I had seen, the only one that bothered to explain the multiplayer aspect of the game and generally speaking this Carolyn seems to know her sh!t – a lot more than other reviewers I’ve seen.

  • I watched that review to see what the fuss was about.

    After watching it, I immediately went and ordered LA Noire. I’d say she did a fine job!

  • Big kudos to her for getting up there and doing her job catering to a demographic that probably has a vast number of immature homophobic trolls who would kick up a stink for sure.

    Keep it up, I don’t care who’s doing the reviews as long as they’re clued in and offer constructive viewpoints.

  • A person is doing a job they are good at. This is all that matters. Anyone who makes any other distinction is probably a bigot.

    If not trangendered people, then ban homosexual people. If we are going for them, might as well ban people who aren’t Caucasian. Oh and women. Oh and short guys.

    If it is ok to discriminate against one person, it’s ok to discriminate against all.

    Good for her in being successful in her chosen career. High five for getting such a sweet job.

  • Guys, guys, guys. I can clear this up:
    Does it really matter what they think? They are ‘believers’, nothing more nothing less. Ranting on and on about what’s right isn’t going to make them stop thinking how they view the world! That’s why we should all just let bygones be bygones and just congratulate Carloyn for doing something a lot of other people wouldn’t do: Put himself out there for what he believes in, especially in a community that is known to he extremely critical of everything. (don’t deny it, it might not be you but the majority is). Oh and no, posting a comment about your opinion is not the same thing as getting a job and posting videos on the internet. The latter doesn’t have you shielded by anonymity.
    Alrigjt? Alright. There ya go.

  • I’m transgendered, so it’s nice to see someone similar to me being praised for their work.

  • It’s trivialised enough outside of gaming to be an obvious cause for offence but in all honesty if I find anything the guy has to say informative and readable then so be it.

    I don’t think his lifestyle choice restricts him from playing video games and forming an opinion.

    • His lifestyle choice? I suppose you chose to be whatever you are? She is a she, because thats what she is, not because she decided it would make for a refreshing change this season.

  • Not really gonna speak to the issue directly, but I’m currently reading ‘The Forever War’ by Joe Haldeman and I’m currently right in the middle of the second act… and I put the book down a few minutes ago to check the news and kotaku and found this article. Just seemed oddly relevant… of course now that I mention it I realize not everyone will likely know what I’m talking about, so I should just stop here 😛

  • Wow. It makes me very angry and disappointed at how immature, naive, and intolerant people can be. It’s hard to believe that it’s 2011! I would have liked to believe that gamers were more evolved than this, apparently not. I think it’s awesome that GameSpot didn’t discriminate. Gamers are gamers regardless of their sexual identity.

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