We're On The Brink Of All Out War

The battle to save and/or escape The Ark kicks off tomorrow when Brink launches for the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Which side of the struggle will you be on?


    But for those of us who pre-ordered from ozgameshop after Steam jacked up its prices we will be waiting roughly 2 weeks for the game to arrive on our shores.


      I'm betting the story will be paper thin.

      You are X and you are fighting Y. You win. The end.

    Who wants to take bets on gameplay hours? 4?

    it SUCKS that USA get it 2 days before I do down here in Australia.....
    my USA mates are already planning some gaming and I'll have to wait ..DAMN...

      I feel your pain, sitting here while friend salivates and gloats :(

      I've played it and it's pretty awesome so far... There are ways around it. All you need is a US VPN, load steam, and it'll unlock :D

    Kotaku going to mention the mess that the review code was delivered in?


    Going to be be really dissapointed if this ends up being a buggy mess...

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