What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Here's what I did last night. I opened the drawer where I keep all my games, I cast a quick eye over them, and I didn't feel like playing any of them. Now that I've finished Portal 2, nothing matters! [Sob]

But you know what the solution is to no more Portal 2 single player? Portal 2 co-op, which I'll be playing with my wife, getting really frustrated when she's too slow, or doesn't understand my master plan.

That's right folks, when I get divorced (not 'if', when) it will definitely be Portal 2's fault.

Enough about me! What are you guys playing this weekend? Anything awesome planned?


    If the PSN comes back on (Pfft) then also Portal 2 co-op. If not? Finishing Castlevania and probably just arting it up. Also, reading more Pluto which is MAD AWESOME btw! Cheers for that! :)

    Uni assignment due Sunday night, so no gaming for me this weekend... Portal 2 sits there unplayed. *sob*

    Well if all goes to plan. Halo Reach tonight with HindenLagen and others.

    Rest of the weekend, AC: Brotherhoood, and maybe BTTF Episode 4.

    Portal 2 co-op isn't as much as a relationship killer as other co-op games. If you played New Super Mario Bros Wii, you can get through this without any hassles.

    I'll be playing Batman: Arkham Asylum. Great game so far. Should be able to get a new video up in the next few days, just need to get the audio for it done.

    I'm sick, so I've got a chance to catch up on some games. I'll play some Shift 2, some Minecraft, and coop Portal 2 if PSN goes up anytime this weekend.

    I'll also have to make time for Eurovision and for the FA Cup final. Oh man I want Stoke to win.

    Oh. And avoiding any spoilers whatsoever for LA Noire. Next week is going to be toooooough.

    I'll be playing "Finish the Assignment".

    It's an awful game, but it gives you unlocks which are helpful for other games, such as "Pass University" and "Live a Happy Life".

      Achievement Unlocked
      5G - start at the last minute
      10G - pull an all nighter
      5G - submit assignment on the precise deadline

      I've done that for so many assignments.
      Assignments can't take away me playing video games though! Going to play Bejeweled 3 (just bought it through Steam), and probably see if I can finish the Tiny Bang Story Demo : )

        Bronze Trophy - Submit in the last minute, only to find out the deadline has actually been extended, but you really just don't care anymore and submit it anyway.
        P's get degrees!

        That would explain my high gamerscore. We had midnight deadlines and I have submitted many an assignment after 11.30pm! (that includes still working on it until that point).

        If it makes you feel any better, I graduated earlier this month and last night i received my fancy MBA paperwork thingy... The feeling alone of seeing that soon to be hung on the wall doco is worth it guys!

        But yeah, sucks when your doing it....

      Sure the cheevos are great... but corpse running when you fail a level is horrible.

    I'll be playing mortal kombat for shizzle! And in between bouts of that, I'll be tidyign up for the gathering next Sunday! w00t!

    Finishing off DA2. I'm almost at the end, I can feel it. Once that's done I'll finish off an ME2 playthrough I've been playing on and off for the past 6 months.

    DX 9 when I'm busing back from Sydney, and Minecraft and Starcraft 2 when I'm not cleaning my room (I've put it off for too long, it must be done).

    Team Fortress 2.

    That's my life, baconly. I have no desire to work on my monolith of shame.

    For anyone interested, the Brink package with the Prima strategy guide is only $60 on Steam at the moment. Not sure if that is intentional, but its a pretty massive price break...

      Protip: The strategy guide is one page. And it reads thus - 'wait for patches'.

      Aren't you happy I just saved you $60?

      (Is secretly jealous because I am waiting for my cheap copy to come over the seas from ozgameshop)

        But buying it with the guide is saving you $30 off the game by itself. o.O

          But sir, ozgameshop are selling the game itself for $36! Which is a $54 saving!

    Dunno really, got heaps of games i haven't finished. I don't really have the time anymore. Probably BattleField Bad Company 2, but my pile of shame includes FFXIII, Bayonetta, Dragonball Raging Blast, Rock Band (3, Lego, Beatles and AC/DC) and Guitar Hero (5 & 6)...... (The list goes on)

    I'll be playing 'find the save files' as I transition all-that-is-holy to my new PC. Then I'm going to cuddle it.

    So, hopefully, ME1 (thanks EA week!), World of Tanks, maybe some Monday Night Combat, Borderlands, Starcraft 2 and/or Diablo 2, depending on time and what my friends are doing.

    Steam friends count, Kotakau!

      What level are you in Borderlands? Do you play on PC?

      I love it but haven't found good people to play with in a while.

        Solo, 47 Warmonger.

        I have lvl 36 or so Gunslinger that I play with the missus and my best mate.

        Playing on the PC (is there another way to play? :P)

    I'll be bouncing between Mortal Kombat and Brink, loving both of them at the moment :)

    Brink is quite a nice change to the normal shooter, but I can definately see where the mixed reviews have come from

    Heading to Sydney on Sunday (from Perth) so I'm thinking I'll pick up a DS game for the ride - either Okamiden or Dragon Quest IX.

    Help me decide Kotaku :)

      As much as it pains me to not support the Okami legacy, I'd suggest DX IX.

    Playing Halo: Reach tonight with any of you guys who are interested. For those that don't trawl the depths of TAY:

    Tonight (Fri 13th May) 8 pm AEST.

    Add me as a friend and simply join my party

    GT: HindenLagen

    Other then that I will probably continue to succumb to my addiction to Samurai Warriors: Chronicles on the 3DS.

    I've clocked 42 hours so far, and each hour brings my addiction to new heights.

      I have added you but dont play Halo.. I see L4D2 on your list mate. Im keen for a game also.. left see if we can get anyone else in on that one?

        For tonight I'll stick with Reach, unless there is zero turnout, or everyone leaves. Sorry, but I have plugged this Reach playdate all week, so I am commited to it.

        I'd be happy to play some other time. I know The Cracks is usually keen too.

          Zombies zombies zombies!
          But yeah, Reach it is tonight.
          My GT is WC Spook for anyone who wants it.

          Yeah sorry that is what i meant. I was just lining you up for 'some other time'

          The Cracks also just added me I think.

    LostPlanet 2 and The Last Remnant. Oh, and Dawn of War 2.
    I have a lot of 'old' gaming to catch up on from those 4 years of lost life called 'university.'

    I'll be making Portal 2 maps. I've so far figured out how to make a room, make turrets, and repulsion gel :D

      Ive seen that youve been spending quite a bit of time in the SDK on steam. Is this the first time for you makes mods? Im interested in doing it but ive never done it and it looks quite overwhelming

    My wife got bored of playing co-op Portal 2 with me after about 40 minutes ;(

    If I have time, Ridge Racer 7. As a throwback.

    If I do not, I will continue building Skullcrusher Mountain with my friends.

    The Witcher

    I've put in a few hours over the course of the week so far and I'm really quite impressed with the game and disappointed in myself for not playing it sooner.

    By Ullr's Undergarments! (yeah I'm scrapping the bottom of the barrel here)
    Will be joining the Reach Extravaganza tonight, then might do some achievement hunting on New Vegas for the rest of weekend, with a little Dead Space 2 mixed in.

    I will continue with Operation flashpoint RR. If anyone wants a game let me know. I also got motorstorm so want to check that out as ive not seen it.

    My weekend is Wednesday / Thursday.
    I spent most of it playing SOCOM with the Sharpshooter... and I must say it is the first game that really uses the attachment well.

    The camera controls are solid.

    I should be working on assignments due next week as well as reports for my work but I'm ashamed to say that I'll probably sneak off 1-4 hours for my beloved Shogun 2 at some point.

    First game on the PC in YEARS that's actually grabbed me. PC gaming is still pretty dead to me but its nice to have a masterpiece like this to appreciate :)

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