What Are You Playing This Weekend

This weekend, if I get the time, I'll be in the care of L.A. Noire, AKA Alien Water, AKA the game that frustrates me yet I can't stop playing for some reason. But what are you guys playing?

I got a big weekend scheduled, mainly around a party I'm supposed to be organising, but I'm still hoping to get some time in with L.A. Noire and hopefully get it finished. I calculate that I'm just over halfway through the game and I'm at the point where I'm starting to get involved in the story, despite the fact that Cole Phelps is easily the most unlikeable Rockstar protagonist I can remember playing as.

But anyway - what are you guys up to this weekend?


    Might try and finish LA Noire, I'm up to the 3rd disc now so I'm getting there.

    I'm also downloading Far Cry 1 & 2 courtesy of the Steam Sale so I'll give them a bash too.

    Knock off the last few cases in LA Noire, then I think I'll mix it up a bit with some Lego Pirates :)

    WAS planning to play Dungeon Siege, but I went to pick it up yesterday only to be told it had been delayed to june :( Would have been nice to know that before release day! lol

    Finished L.A. Noire last Sunday afternoon. 22 hours in. Now I'm going back and getting all the film reels / landmarks / vehicles and completing every case five star.

    Aside from that, I'll probably be playing some of the new stuff I picked up during EB's hero sale - Assassin's Creed II, Gears of War 2 and Naruto Storm 2. Whoa, sequal-riffic.

    Might even head out into Brisbane city to trya dn get some street-pass hits.

      I played Ninja Storm 2 (got it for Christmas) and if you're a Naruto fan, you will not be disappointed! As far as I can remember, it's probably the most Anime-loyal game out there.

        Yay! :D

        The only disappoint I have from my limited playtime so far is that Rock Lee isn't using the drunken fist :(

    Free weekend! Huzzah! I think I'll be playing Minecraft, Terraria, some Splinter Cell Conviction -if anyone is up for some multiplayer on Steam let me know- and maybe some Black Ops on the PS3.

    No money to buy new games at the moment :(

    I'll be watching more Chicago Code, Sons of Anarchy and might start watching The Sopranos.

      Sopranos is totally worth it after all this time.

    If I finally decide to pull the trigger, I'll be playing some Shogun 2. I so rarely spend more than about $25 per game on Steam so for some reason I'm hesitating. My lovely wife also picked up Batman Arkham Asylum at the EB sale. Hmmm.

    Depends on what may or may not arrive today. If Mortal Kombat shows up then its that. If not its Minecraft, RDR and Pokemon

    Terraria and LoL with my human American friend. Really enjoying both right now.

    Started playing L.A. Noire last night and OH MAN, THE FACIAL RECOGNITION OHMAN.

    But I'm working 'til Midnight tonight and generally working tomorrow so no play for me tonight. :(

    Standard fare, really: LA Noire (though those strict conversation branches are really pissing me off), Portal 2 co-op, MtG XBLA, will try out the Minecraft updates.

    More Witcher 2 and LA Noire.

    I'll be studying, playing with my new hori fightstick and whatever the heck tickles my fancy!

    OH! And taking on Fatshady on live! :D

    LA Noire / The Witcher.

    That's assuming I have any time :(

    I've been super busy all week and the weekend wont be any different. But ill try to sneak in some Fallout 3.

    Hmm, just finished KOTOR on the Xbox. Don't really feel like jumping straight into KOTOR 2.

    I have Darksiders that I haven't played yet, and am currently waiting for delivery of the Orange Box and a backwards compatible PS3 CONSOLE!!

    So, if the PS3 console arrives, I'll be Metal Gear Soliding this weekend, else if the Orange Box arrives, I will be Portaling for the first time ever, and if neither arrive, I'll probably break out Darksiders and see how that goes.

      Oh! I meant to ask if you needed MGS4 back. Guess I'll have to figure out something else to do for you instead seeing as you seem to have that covered already.

    After vegging out on Bad Company 2 multiplayer last week, I'm either going to go back and finish The Witcher before my Witcher 2 copy arrives, or I'm going to play Red Faction Guerilla in anticipation of RF Armageddon.

    I have too many games in my back catalogue, I picked up the entire prince of persia series on Steam, and I want to buy Dawn of War 2 now, just because... Too many games, not enough hours... someone invent a time stopping bubble!

    Finished up L.A. Noire's main story earlier this week, so I'm currently being a completionist and pushing for 100%. Currently I have the film reels and about 20 cars to go, but I've also got to do the 5 star ratings. I'll also chase some of those incidental achievements.

    I like Phelps. I like his base morals, although his interrogation techniques are questionable (as are those flashbacks).

      Oh, and most likely some Bad Company 2. If anyone wants to squad up, hit me up on XBL: budgieishere. :)

    I'll be playing a lot more Witcher 2 and have also organised a full playthrough of Diablo 2 with 7 other friends.

    I gotta work nights this weekend but when I'm not sleeping I'll put some more time into LA Noire. I'll also be playing through Half-Life 2 Episode 2 for the first time as I have only just recently started clearing all the Half-Life 2 games/eps from my pile of shame!

    It's going to be a mish-mash of all kinds of things for me this weekend! It shall be a competition of epic kotaku proportions!! Everything from mario-kart, to rock band, to mortal kombat! I'm excited!!

    Just started Vice in LA Noire, might push through to Arson on the weekend.

    Maybe give Portal 2 the co-op treatment finally also.

    Hey! Listen, my invite to the party must have gotten lost. I checked my inbox and my facebook but nothing. Looking forward to it!

    But srsly, Probably forcing myself to finish Castlevania and play L.A. Noire. Girlfriend and I will also grab the last Portal 2 co-op trophie and maybe some co-op Borderlands.

    Also, I am INSPIRED and will attempt to do get started on a wee animation I have tentatively titled "Alien Water" So, we'll see.

    I'll be enjoying my second play through of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings since a patch has been released (Patch 1.1). Hopefully it'll fix the few flaws it has.

    Some Fallout New Vegas for me.

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