What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Alright. Don't kill me. I haven't finished Portal 2 yet. But I'm so close. I reckon I've got roughly 30 minutes left tops. My plans this weekend is to play through the co-op mode with my wife. She loves games, but hates using two analogue sticks at the same time - I'm thinking this might be the game that overcomes that final barrier. But what are your plans for the weekend?

It's been a long time coming. I remember I almost made her cry trying to teach her how to play Metal Gear Solid 4 (yeah, I know, what was I thinking). I can never predict what games she'll love, but when she falls in love with a game that's it - she never stops playing it. She hogs, she becomes completely obsessed. I think I can get her to enjoy the co-op, then move her on to the single player. Then, anything goes.

Hopefully I won't create a game hogging monster.

But what are you guys up to this weekend? There's not too many big new releases, so I'm guessing it may be a weekend of playing catch up in terms of gaming.

Let us know in the comments below.


    Dragon Age: Origins. I finally got my hands on a copy (and a new Xbox).

    If I finish that, I've also picked up Fallout 3: GOTY.

    I am a sucker for stupidly long games.

    Well I've just got a new computer and am setting up the old one as a server. I have lots of files to transfer but once that is complete I will use the old one to host my Minecraft server and, this may be a little strange, an MU Online server.

    I played MU back in school when it first came out and have a lot of fond memories of it, even if it was nothing but a grind MMORPG. It doesn't look too hard to set up a private server and then I can jump on and just have some fun with it.

    Having just enetered the wonderful world of online gaming, I will probably be working my way through various multiplayer games on the 360.
    Read Dead Redemption
    Assassins creed Brotherhood
    Dead Space 2
    Though I am raging at the fact that my headset isn't working. Does anyone know if internet speed may stuff up the mic? The games play fine with no lag, but I wonder if that may be the cause for me being incommunicado.
    Oh and live ID is
    Rafor al Carr
    If anyone is up for a game

      Could be your networks "NAT" settings. Run a network test in the settings part of your 360 to see if your NAT settings are on "Strict", "Moderate" or "Slut"(Open). Having a strict NAT setting used to stuff up my voice comms on 360.

      If they are set on strict, it can be a bit of a pain to fix but depends upon your network setup.

        Sweet, will do. Thanks for the info.

        Yeah Port Forwarding a real pain but once you get it right it works like a charm

      I can play any of them with you, just let me know.

      I started and finished Prince of Persia last weekend, so this weekend it's some PS3 Portal 2 (hopefully the PSN gets fixed (ha!) so I can play co-op) and something else from the pile - but only if I can get the TV back from my wife, who has become addicted to playing Magic the Gathering on XBLA!

    Seeing as i got my net back, i just finished downloading Blood Bowl Legendary Edition that my sister gifted to me, so i might give that a whirl.

    Might also play some CS source just for fun. I am TERRIBLE at FPS's, so they are that much more brilliant when i actually kill someone.

    Seriously, i'll die like 10 times before i kill someone else, then i'll be all "BOOH YEAH BIZNITCH!! YO ASS GOT FRAGGED BY A n00b!!"

    ...then i'll get shot in the back of the head literally straight after that kill..

      Hit a brother up if you want some blood bowl competitive shenanigans. Been a while since I played but I have a soft spot for it!

      GO CHAOS.


        once i get the hang of it i'll play you for sure.

        add me to steam:

        bet you didn't see that one coming :P

      I've been playing a little CS to pass time the last few days. Mind if I add you and I might join you if I see you online? I'm not sure what my steam account is, but it'll be some variant of 706 or i706i

    Well I'm gonna be bowling with my brother over the weekend, but here's a short list of what's on my mind for what to play.

    More Star Battle SC2 custom map, maybe some Minecraft, some Dawn of War 2 Retribution, Kingdom Hearts 2 and KOTOR2

    Witcher, and Final Fantasy XII: International Zodiac Job system hyper neptune DX universal tuni-... Wait, I made that joke last week.

    Playing through The Witcher so I can import my savegame.

    I'll be playing Rift tonight but tomorrow I have a gridiron game to go watch, meeting up with my brothers for drinks, housewarming party then Sunday is Mothers Day etc...

      Please let me know if it's any good... still wanting to check it out!

        Will do. Haven't played an MMORPG since the WoW closed beta!

    I gave up trying to get girlfriends\the wife into games long ago. Anyway, I also didn't quite get Portal 2 finished last weekend - long than I expected - but thoroughly enjoyable. Tonight's the night.

    I might play some Persona 4. I need to finish it before the anime starts airing.

    Castlevania. It's in the shame pile. Trying to guess which games are short to reduce it quicker. Will also be playing some InFamous 2 on Saturday. :D

    Tomb Raider-Guardian of light co-op for me. Scored it cheap on PSN before it went down, and it supports local co-op. Yay!

    I'm contemplating getting the DLC levels for Mirror's Edge but I think I'll mainly be playing Arkham Asylum.

    I've been getting back into PC gaming so it'll be Mafia II, Back to the Future Eps 3 and 4 and Need for Speed Hot Pursuit.

    Finishing off Portal 2 singleplayer + first run through of portal 2 co op, also some NFS Hot pursuit which i picked up for $10 on steam during there EA sale this week =)

    Operation flashpoint red river if anyone wants co-op hit me up on xbox GT: FatShady Live

    Apart from that not sure. RDR with Hugo again as I still have a few cheevos I want to get, then check in the MC server perhaps. I want to watch others do the puzzle map...

    Picked up DoW2 off Steam, been meaning to do it for a while. Avoided it because of my fondness for the original, and the fact DoW2 doesn't seem to involve building of any kind. (I do love fortifying my bases) So I'll probably be doing that for a great part of it.

    Also Pokemon Black on my 3DS, and God Eater Burst on PSP. Gotta get some more MHFU in before they finally localize and release MHP3rd too. 200 hours into that sucker and I don't think I've even really hit 'halfway', and I use that term very loosely in the context of Monster Hunter.

    New games be damned, I'm busy with the old.

    Ill be trading in my 3DS towards something thats actually fun this weekend. Enough is enough for a console that spends more spends more time in my work bag than my hands

    I shall be playing mount and blade: hot and cold (or whatever it's called), and the new section 8: prejudice.

    Pew pew pew!

    I'm playing Baldur's Gate 2, for the 48582729492815 time.
    I can't help it, I always end up back on it.

    two words.. MORTAL KOMBAT!!!


    "She loves games, but hates using two analogue sticks at the same time – I’m thinking this might be the game that overcomes that final barrier."

    Yeah me and my girlfriend played all the way through the co-op and she doesn't really like the dual analogues either. Regardless we had a great time all the way through and sounds like she's up for more 360 gaming, so good luck to you sir! This game is a good one to bring couples together, with SCIENCE! :P

    Mercenaries: Playground of destruction on Ps2. One of the best open world games. *Sniff*, i miss you pandemic.


    Hector badge of carnage Episode 1: we negotiate with terrorists. Its a Hilarious point and click game by Irish developers straandlooper and published by Telltale. I encourage you guys to get this game, its really funny.

    Finally got my 360 back onto LIVE so it will be checking out some of the arcrade games I've missed in the past 6 or so months. Last one I got was Monday Night Combat.
    Any recommendations? I've already got Torchlight.

    Will also play some Bad Company 2, Assassin's Creed: BH and Rift if I get the chance.

    I only recently discovered that my Mac laptop supports the PS3 controller wirelessly (I was pretty surprised that I didn't have to install new drivers and anything). Which is perfect, because I have LEGO: Harry Potter to play.

    There's something about collecting thousands and thousands of shiny Lego pieces that keeps me coming back...

    Tonight I've promised my son we do some split screen co-op in Portal 2, after that I reckon some Bad Company 2 multiplayer will hit the spot and then if I'm still awake after midnight I might settle down with some Assassin's Creed II. (all on 360 gamertag = username if you're in Bad Company!)

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