What Can We All Learn From The Xbox Live Banning Of ‘Pound Her Stank’?

What Can We All Learn From The Xbox Live Banning Of ‘Pound Her Stank’?

Xbox Live technical support will be extra busy over the course of this week and the next as a new software update rolls out, bringing sweeping bans to those with modified consoles. But one fresh account banning from this week is more educational than the rest.

An Xbox Live member with the gamertag “pound her stank” found himself permanently suspended from the service after what he argued was three years of good standing membership. His plea:

my xbox account was permanently suspended due to my gamertag. shouldn’t this be temporarly suspended? i’ve been a member for 3 years and a lot of downloads and xbox live points attached to this account. i dont want to start all over again. is there a way to request lesser suspension? my account gamertag was “pound her stank”. i would change my gamertag to get my account back.

Seems like a reasonable request. What say you, Xbox Live Policy and Enforcement Team?

While we apologise for the inconvenience, we made the decision to permanently suspend the account due to the excessive number of forced name changes due to Code of Conduct violations that have occurred over the life of the account. We felt that giving you 34 chances to create a gamertag that did not violate the aforementioned document should have been more than enough of an opportunity to turn a new leaf.

That’s right. After an impressive 34 gamertag changes, none of which appear to abide Xbox Live’s Code of Conduct, you can be banned. Now you know!


LOCKED: permanent suspension [Xbox.com via @ShawnElliott]


  • I still don’t think the punishment fits the crime. Sure 34 changes to your gamer tag is a lot, but that should give MS the right to completely remove his account. Just simply tell him to change it again, and again, and again, the kid will grow up eventually.

    • Resources though bro. I mean 34 times, the guy has to be some special kind of stupid to not find an acceptable name after all of that.

      If I was actually paying for XbL, and by extension paying customer support, I wouldn’t want them to waste their time to this extent on idiots like this. A few chances, yeah. 34? No.

    • I very much agree.

      They shouldn’t be able to take away his paid-for games and paid-for points no matter how many forced gamer tag changes he has.

      Aren’t EULAs unenforceable by law anyway? He should be allowed take them to court, but I guess that costs a lot of money he probably doesn’t have.

      • They are not taking his acheivement points or his games off him. But by banning him from X-Box Live he can not go online with them.

        Seriously, 5 times and he couldn’t just pick a name that’s not offensive. If you poke the bear, you can’t complain when it turns around and bites you. Especially if it already walked away from you 34 times.

      • Considering the maturity he’s shown with his name, if he ever got money he’d probably throw it at street lamps.

      • Have you ever read them? You’re basically giving permission for them to do whatever they want.

        Regardless, I agree with their decision. How many times does someone need to be told ‘don’t do that’ before they learn? Apparently more than 34.

      • I like how not having a vanilla name makes you and a whole lot of other people certain he’s an immature dick who doesn’t know anything about anything. Lighten up.

        • By having names like those that shows he’s immature. As by common sense would dictate that having names like he had show a sever lack of maturity. Also being told 34 times to do something right shows he has no respect for the system or for the authority behind the system which is another sign of immaturity.

      • Is the Xbox Live Code of Conduct a EULA, though? You are able to read it in the entirety while signing up to Live, so you’re not accepting it sight unseen.

    • Great parenting advice.

      Just hand-hold and tell your kids to change over and over and poof! they’ll magically mature.

      Maybe you’ll reconsider when you’re having to teach your kid sums the 34th time when he’s in his mid-20s and has the brainpower of a grapefruit.

  • I reckon they shuld at least have said “Right, if you don’t make your name something that abides by the Code of Conduct this time we’ll permanently ban your account”
    I 100% agree that he deseerves this, but it could have been handled a little better.

      • Infact, I’ve known a GROUP who actually got their name changed due to that. My martial arts club had a bunch of juniors who formed their own ‘guild’ basically. Seriously the clubs moniker breaks down to an abbreviated KKIK. (not saying the first to parts) but the last two is International Karate), anyhow they all had their names with KKIK infront of it. MS got in touch with them and forced their name change due to KKIK appearing too similair to KKK. Fair enough, whatever. And that’s pretty much exactly how they warn you.

  • I literally spat out my lunch at work when I read the guys gamertag. Bravo for making me laugh so hard and boo to Microsoft.

  • The real problem many unfortunately face with the M$ ban hammer is that M$ can ban you – regardless if you are innocent or guilty,take your money (points,games,live subscription etc)that is in your account and pretty tell you to get lost without any explanation as to why.
    Don’t believe me…..try getting any kind of explanation out of their Customer Service reps.
    Pretty much straight out electronic thievery.
    What M$ should be doing is if they ban people they should return the balance of the money in the account to the account holder.

    • Any credibility or chance we’d take your seriously evaporated once you dropped the “M$”, and revealed exactly WHY biased comments from people like you should be ignored.

      Do people still find M$/Gaystation funny or original?

    • I’ll bite, despite the obvious trolling by using “M$”…

      Has that ever happened? No. Every time, EVERY TIME, somebody has kicked up a stink about a being banned from xbox live, Microsoft have come out and either apologised for the error, or (more commonly) have justified it by explaining the little things that the complainer leaves out, like in this case.

      There is no reason for Microsoft to ban paying customers, because that means a loss in future income. No business wants that.

    • But he did get a explanation so your comment is completely wrong and point far from it. If you apply how lenient they were to ANY other industry they look like saints. Workplace, law, public transport, theft anything you apply it too would show that MSFT were more then justified in their action.

  • ‘Wah gimme one more chance….. I’ll be good this time, I swear’
    I’m amazed that worked 34 times.

  • Getting banned for a funny name is pretty stupid.
    But being told 34 times to change it and then crying when you get permanently banned is even dumber. Serves him right haha

  • I am suprised it got to that many times without being banned.

    Maybe they should have changed it for him and locked it.
    Having a username ImATool would do wonders :p.

  • While the gamertag was out of line, the punishment does seem to be somewhat excessive. Surely just manually changing his name to something amazingly generic and then locking his account off from any ability to change the name would be more than enough?

  • I have this massive burn on my hand. It goes away and heals up fine. But whenever I touch a hot cooking surface it comes back.

    Christ, what an idiot.

  • I played Black Ops for months with ‘I FKKED UR DAD’ before having to change my name.

    Feltched, felched, raep, & raeped are also now banned gamertag words. You can thank me for those
    : ]

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