What Does Ubisoft Think Of The Wii 2?

According to the French publisher's CEO, not only is Nintendo's Wii successor - currently known as Project Cafe - a "fantastic platform", it's also bound to be home to many a port from the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Ubisoft's Yves Guillemot said during an investor call today that the company's a huge fan of the Wii 2, according to a recount of the event from Giant Bomb. Guillemot predicts it will be "hugely successful".

And it could one day be home to a future Assassin's Creed or Splinter Cell.

"What we see is that we will be able to leverage a lot of the work that we do for Xbox 360 and PS3 when we will create games for the platform," Guillemot said. "We will not have to redo completely the games we create. We'll be able to use all the capacities the console is giving, but also use all the work that we do for the other platforms."

Ubisoft hasn't been shy about supporting the Wii when other third-party publishers drifted away from it. The company has seen success with titles like Just Dance, Red Steel and the Raving Rabbids series. So don't expect Ubi's Nintendo efforts to start and stop with simple cross-platform ports.

Ubisoft Won't Have to 'Completely Redo' Games for Nintendo's New Hardware [Giant Bomb]


    Its sounding more and more like the Wii2 is a waste of time. If they created a high powered console in the first place they wouldn't need to play catch up now. It will only be useful for first party games, and if it comes to fruition, upscaling Wii games to HD. Hmm, in typing all of that I may have actually convinced myself I want one...

      I dunno... I'd like something better than just ports from PS3 and 360.

      I want Nintendo's next console to be next-gen, not current-gen.

        My sentiments exactly.

        Today I traded my 3ds in -im over the complete lack of games, complete lack of ONLINE STORE, and the 3d gimmick.

        If wii2 launches without some exciting NEW games and a decent online service, I will NOT be getting it EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          ^The funny thing is nintendo announced the launch of a 3DS online store for june 6th.

          Why did you buy the 3DS in the first place? Nintendo weren't keeping secrets about their lack of e-store out of the box. And, when the initial "launch window" of games were revealed, it was pretty obviouse there weren't going to be many (if any) great games for the systems debut. You can't blame Nintendo for your lack of research. Most consoles have very slow starts. I'm sure by the time Christmas rolls around you will be regretting trading the 3DS. Most people who purchase consoles Day 1 (or at least in the first 6 months) are generally die-hard fans who like having new shiny toys. I'm one of those people. I bought a 3DS day one, I've actually played it heaps but I knew what I was getting into and realised I would be playing the waiting game for a few months. Once OoT 3DS is out I know the system will be worth every penny!

        This console won't really be current-gen. It's supposed to be vastly more powerful than the PS3 and Xbox 360. And I'm sure that when new games come out for PS3 and the 360, the Stream/Wii2 will be included in the third-party party.

      There would have been an opportunity cost for Nintendo to give the original Wii PS3/360 level graphics.

      They either would have had to jack up the price a lot, or delay the release. Given how things have turned out, it seems they made the correct decision from a business perspective.

        Exactly! The Wii, despite being "underpowered" has been hugely successful for Nintendo and I'm pretty sure all the big names at Ninty are sleeping well each night.

    DEEDUB what the hell you dribbling on about you stupid gimp?when the wii was first released freaks like you said the wii would fail compared to the high power of ps3 and xbox 360!!LOL well 5 years later and the wii has oblirated the ps3 and xbox 360 in sales,to date the wii has sold an amazing 88 million,xbox 360 53 million and ps3 51 million!!and that is without hd graphics you turd!!!!
    becaause the wii lacked hd nintendo feels its time to make a more powerful console that will again destroy anything sony or microsoft can come up with!!
    is hillarious sony has no inovation what so ever,all they did was copy the wii controllers design and make it a little more accurate!!wow sony thats innovation!!lol
    i carnt wait till the wii 2 is released at e3 and again totally hammers anything sony or microsoft come up with.i feel really sorry for sony coz with the wii 2 nintendo has patented the idea so losers like sony can never copy them in the future!!
    and 1 reason nintendo always stayed away from online stores like the playstation network coz look at whats happened to sony with it being hacked online and costing them billions!!HAHAHAHAHA
    also sony needs to stop making embrassing handhelds the ds once again destroyed the psp,then sony go and bring out the pspgo the worst console in the history of video games!!LOL.
    when will sony learn they will never beat nintendo or apple in the handheld wars and after the wii's success they will never beat them on the console wars either!!;)

      WOW. I'm no 360/PS3 fanboy, but your an absolute d♥ck. Not to mention the fact that your one of the most ignorant people I've come across.

      1. Learn to use grammar/puctuation.

      2. Learn how to spell.

      3. Did you just say Sony will never beat Nintendo? You guys got your asses kicked last generation, the Gamecube had nothing on the PS2, infact it got obliterated more than the Wii did to the 360/PS3.

      4. The only reason the Wii got such high sales, was because it was a gimmick. Why do you think the Game:Console ratio is so low? People buy the unit, then realise it's a piece of cr♥p, and forget about it.

      5. GTFO from Kotaku 8 year old.

        Now I've always enjoyed Nintendo consoles more than anything else, but No.5 was pure gold hahaha

    I think we could have expected support from Ubisoft for the Cafe, they have done okay with the Wii.

    I don't know what the new machine will be like, but, from Ubisoft's comments we can safely assume it will be an easy port for multi-platform titles, with little or no real changes. For new gamers and Nintendo upgraders, that is good news, lots of tried and tested games and the same non-exclusive future material that the others have.

    Which kind hands the advantage to Nintendo, since their exclusive games tend to wipe the floor with all-comers.

    Gwaaan Snake, your bloody right mate they will never topple Ninty!!! Ha ha ha ha ha

    I want a Nintendo console I want to play on again, I had NES thru to Gamecube but couldn't do the Wii after having a 360 and then PS3. If this machine is good I'll get one.

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