What Game Of Thrones’ Intro Looks Like In StarCraft 2

What Game Of Thrones’ Intro Looks Like In StarCraft 2

David Zhou noticed the resemblance between the open titles of HBO’s Game of Thrones and the maps of an RTS. And what do you know? A StarCraft 2 movie (created by Zhou) set to the GoT intro music looks pretty great.

StarCraft: A Game of Thrones [Wellplayed.org]


  • Err.. That was rubbish. It didn’t look anything like it. If I remember correctly, there isn’t fighting in the into, more the building of the cities.

  • The actual Game of Thrones opener is epic. This is only trying to borrow off that, it could have been better.

  • Looks pretty bad. Bloom & really bad depth of field doens’t make it good. Plus I thought it’d have buildings being built up from the ground like the game of thrones intro but it was just some space dudes shooting each other out of focus.

    At least provide a link to the real intro as a comparison: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iN8PKcNGcuI

    • To be fair, the only building really capable of doing this is the Terran supply depot.

      But I echo everyone else’s peeves with this. All the subtlety of the original intro went flying out the window in favour of blurry-cam combat, despite the fact that the series has traditionally not thrown the readers battle-porn (*cough* Tolkien) in favour of political machinations.

      All sense of raising the various cities, the struggles between the great houses and recurring gear motif is completely lost because someone thought “Game of Thrones” meant fantasy and thus requisite battle scenes.

      Now where was I? Oh yes, Winter Is Coming.

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