What Is Going On With Crysis On Steam? (UPDATE)

On Saturday Crysis was part of a Steam sale, but now it appears that a huge majority of gamers who purchased the game at the reduced priced can't actually play as a result of faulty CD Keys. Two days later, post a huge thread on Steam with over 1000 comments and over 250,000 views, there hasn't been an official statement from either EA or Valve on the issue.

"No resolution was offered beyond waiting a while and trying again," claimed one poster. "I was told by my customer support rep that the problem was on Steam's end and that EA could do nothing. I was then sent a link to the steam forum in which one poster had already had the exact same issue solved by another rep. This forum thread also featured a post from someone who had been told by another rep that the problem was on EA's end and not Valve's end at all. Fair enough, if you don't actually know where the problem is, say so, don't point the finger at someone else."

EA is steadfastedly claiming that the issue is on Valve's end, as repeatedly stated through customer service logs:

"I am sorry that you are facing this issue. This issue is on the Steam's end and they are aware of this issue. They are investigating the issue and hopefully this should be fixed pretty soon. I request you to please wait for some time and then try again playing the game."

A post from a Valve representative on the forum thread appears to support this statement.

"We are aware of the problem and are investigating the issue," claimed the post. "We apologize for any inconvenience."

Post this statement consumers have heard nothing concrete from either EA or Valve on the current situation, or been given an ETA on when the issue will be resolved. Some users, who have persevered with EA's customer service have been given second CD Keys, which have subsequently worked, but most remain lumbered with a key that does not work at this time.

"As a PC gamer I accept that from time to time I will have problems getting games to work on my specific system configuration," claimed a poster, "but what separates a good publisher from a bad one is how they support customers after sale. Refusing to even try and help, and then blaming someone else for your bugged servers does not make for good customer support.

"The fact is that I've enjoyed many of EA's games over the years, but it genuinely disappoints me to see you treating your customers and partners like this."

We have contacted EA for comment and an official statement, and will update as soon as we hear back.

UPDATE: It appears as though the CD Keys are now starting to work for those that were having issues. We still haven't heard back from EA.


    Mine worked fine, but this response really doesn't surprise me from EA.

    How is it EA's fault at all? Valve is the one responsible for ensuring that Steam games pass authentication after purchase.

    As far as I know, the issue was that Valve was giving away keys that either didn't exist (yet) or had been used before - they ran out of fresh ones.

    I agree with Richard, I believe they ran out of cd keys for the amount of sales. And in point must have ran out of keys causing the system to send out formerly used keys.

    This actually happened to me a couple of months ago.. I bought a retail copy of the Crysis Maximum Edition mostly to play the Living Legends Mechwarrior mod online, but couldn't connect to the multiplayer server due to a dodgy cd key. A quick check of the forums at the time showed it wasn't a rare issue.

    So it's good to see they've done something about it before throwing it on sale.

    This is kind of disappointing both because of their reaction and because I bought the game as well. It was a great deal and I was happy to pay, luckily I won't be trying to play for a little while until I get my new computer sorted out. Hopefully by then things will have been sorted out.

    I don't know where the fault lies, but the communication has been poor - people who have bought the game deserve better than "we are looking into an unspecified issue" three days after the sale.

    It's also important as these Steam sales are not only (I reckon) big earners but also a powerful counter to the second-hand market that publishers whinge about and are now penalising in their costing model (paying for a one-off "online" code for a game). If I could throw around some purely hypothetical numbers. Of the 30 millions plus Steam accounts, say 333,000 or just over 1% bought Crysis for $3. That's a cool $1 million for one days work, for a four year old title, that is all digital distribution - no disc pressing, no manual printing, no boxes to manafacture, no shipping to stores. If it's all setup ready to go then most of that should be pure cream. How many years of second hand sales, even if the main problem is console games versus PC, would need to happen to reach those figures of lost income to EA for that title?

    It's also a shining example of the power of digital distribution that perhaps other industries could be looking at. When it works, everyone wins.

    So when it goes wrong, it's not good. The distribution system's name is tarnished, the publisher's name is tarnished and the cream starts disappearing as it's spent on support staff to deal with the angry mob. It can have a flow on effect as people look at the next big discount sale and just think "it's just not worth the gamble if the system fails".

    I bought the combo back on Saturday, played Crysis all Sunday with no issues. Had no idea there was even a chance of it not working. Odd.

    As a veteran of the Steam service I can say this happens ALL THE TIME when it comes to crazy steam sales. Steam is forever running out of and/or stuffing up key distribution if there are two many sales. I've fallen prey to it myself once and anyone who trawls the forums with a memory would have seen this crop up a coupld times in the past.

    Just an FYI, if you bought Bad Company 2, input the code into EA Download manager to upgrade to the digital deluxe edition for free and receive a stack of unlocks and the Vietnam expansion -- good value for just $6.80

      I don't think this actually works. I havn't seen anyone actually get it. Apparently when you click vietnam it asks for a CD Key, which is the same that happens to me ingame.

        If anyone does get it working please post.

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