What Will Mario's Creator Do When He's Done Making Games?

Nintendo legend Shigeru Miyamoto has been making games for decades now, with classics like Mario and Zelda on his resume, yet he can't make games forever. So what does the man want to do when he hangs up his boots?

"When I leave the company, I would like to work with young people and teach them about developing", Miyamoto tells The Guardian. "Though it wouldn't be like [traditional]teaching, more explaining how we think and how we interact with the user. For the development process, practical learning is important."

Miyamoto spending his days teaching people how to make games in his own special way? It'd be like Yoda teaching at community college. Which would be awesome.

Shigeru Miyamoto: 'I'm the person who saw things differently' [The Guardian]


    it would be so hard to get into his class

    He isn't going to die though?

    The point is, if we can store music on a compact disc, why can't we store a man's intelligence and personality on one? So, I have the engineers figuring that one out now. Brain mapping, artificial intelligence, we should have been working on it 30 years ago. I will say this, and I'm gonna say it on tape so everyone hears it 100 times a day: if I die before you people can pour me into a computer, I want Reggie to run this place. Now he'll argue, he'll say he can't - he's modest like that. But you make him! Hell, put him in my computer, I don't care.



    I thought he finished making games after the first one... now he just re-makes them... or is that just Zelda?

      This man is truly a gaming god, he will never really die, his teachings will live on in all of us...

    i reckon he's like famous artists in other fields eg. johnny cash. miyamota will be making games forever

    I would shoot a nun in the face just to be in his class, all you need to have on your resume is that you attended Miyamato's class and almost any major game studio would hire you

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